By JP - United States
  Today, I was reading my girlfriend's girly magazine. There was an article stating that if a girl tells a guy his dick is the perfect size, she really means that it is too small. My girlfriend claims everything in the magazine is right. She told me my dick was the perfect size last weekend. FML
jpshotstar tells us more :
Yeah so the part of the story I had to leave out (due to the number of characters allowed) was that when I showed my girlfriend, she swore that she was telling the truth, and got really upset when I didn't believe her. So I told her i believed her. Anyway, FML for a few hours.
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By  wrestler_fml  |  0

What #1 said.... I guess work on your moves...

girls can be b*tches btw. but at least you're not one of those guys whose gf's haven't ever SEEN their dick! THAT would be an even bigger blower

  FlyinOrion  |  10

Bullshit, dick implants are ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE more risky than boobjobs. Reputable doctors can get a boobjob done in a couple of hours with ZERO complaints or complications. Dick implants are dangerous, ineffective and overall not worth it

By  thinkpink  |  0

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard........Why would a magazine ever say that. So what if a girl really did think her boyfriend's dick was the absolute perfect size??? How is she supposed to tell him without him thinking she's a liar. I'd listen to her when she says it's perfect. She's probably exaggerating the fact that everything in her magazine is right. It's her way of saying she loves that magazine.

By  blouuu_fml  |  0

So guys complain when their girls complain about the size of their penis, and then they complain when they say it's perfect. Is that how it works? You're just as complicated as us.

Maybe some girls will tell you that your dick's perfect when it's not so they don't hurt your feelings. But I know guys who compliment their girlfriend on her dress not to hurt her feelings, too. Does that mean that all of them are lying? Maybe it IS perfect. Your life isn't f***ed, stop complaining.

By  Yunie_fml  |  0

Here's something for you: Those girly magazines are all full of shit. I used to buy Cosmo all the time, and went AGAINST the advice. And you know what? I'm told all the time that I'm not like most girls, and in the good way. That being said, try not to take what it says to heart, and hopefully your girlfriend will grow a brain of her own enough not to consult it as if it were her own personal bible.

Try not to let it bother you. If it really does, ask her to tell you the truth. But don't expect the truth not to sting - there's a 50-50 chance her answer could be worse than you want it to be.