By airrinw_33 - 21/01/2013 03:55 - United States - Greenwood

Today, my boyfriend's mom bought us matching purity rings. FML
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Wear it to humor her. She doesn't need to know you two are doing it like rabbits. Some things...mommy just doesn't need to know.

OhDearBetrayal 25

Aw, how cute. She thinks you guys are virgins.


Wear it to humor her. She doesn't need to know you two are doing it like rabbits. Some things...mommy just doesn't need to know.

OhDearBetrayal 25

Aw, how cute. She thinks you guys are virgins.

vencku 13

Quite. OP and her boyfriend must have been really discrete. On another note, I'd have expected OP's mother to buy them if anyone. Since when do boys have to stay virgins?

And your perception on how boys do not have to remain as virgins is totally pig-headed of you. So boys do not have to remain as virgins while girls do? What kinda mentality is that?!

16- one that was prominent around the same time the bubonic plague struck.

13- If girls have to remain virgins while boys do not, my question is, who the hell are the boys losing their v-card with? Logic isn't a strong point for you is it?

33 - I think 13 suggests that we should all have homosexual relationships with guys, perhaps until marriage o_O? Then you randomly switch into a heterosexual relationship...

vencku 13

I don't say I agree with the discrepancy, but anyone who acts as though it isn't true is frightfully naive. It's culturally seen as much more acceptable for a guy to spread his seed, then for a girl to have sex with many partners. She's called a ****. He isn't.

vencku 13

Than* As to why I expect the girl's mother to give something like that faster: a boy can't get pregnant. So I think the parents would be more worried about a girl getting knocked up than a boy losing his virginity.

#41 LOLLZZERD! That was very funny! xD

if a girl isnt a virgin, she gets called a *****. especially at my age. any teenagers.

61, my mother is one of those naive ones. She believes sex is only for after marriage, and never listens to any talk otherwise. if she hears my fiancee has come to visit me by herself, she gets so mad she won't speak to me for a week. I'm 25, have a good job and my own apartment. You're never old enough to leave the nest for some people. If the OP has to be discreet, it may have to be a sad part of life, because I doubt they can pull that mom or of fantasy land.

Sinkhole 26

63 - You do realize that even if a guy can't get pregnant, he can still be a father, right? The mother is not solely responsible for a kid, both mother and father are.

41 - that's actually what happened in a lot of ancient civilizations =) sorry if I'm thread jacking or something, it just seemed like a lot of people were...confused about this.

#33: Ever heard of multiple partners? ;-)

RedPillSucks 31

boys can lose their virginity to married women. Hello Mrs Robinson!

Lol, Stacey's mom really does have it goin on...

65- what the **** is lollzzerd?

66 a girl is called a ***** because she is a *****, not because shes not a virgin

Ever heard of stds?

This is actually really cute, unless you aren't 16.

Oh so you're not allowed to have sex before you're 16 years old? I don't think purity rings are cute, just ignorant, if someone wants to have intercourse a ring won't stop them.

In most countries the legal age of consent is 16. So technically they can't have sex before age 16.

kut17 11

36, that's what pedophiles claim in court :)

I'm 21, engaged and have a purity ring... Some people decide to wait and a purity ring is a symbol of that. It's not just for kids.

36, the legal age to have sex is actually 14 in most places

Actually, it is 16 in most places and I still think that's mentally young for some of the 16 year olds I know of!

No. They legal age to have sex is whenever the hell I want. (But I don't want to...)

I think purity is a great thing, if that is what you want and a ring can be a great symbol to represent that. I just don't understand parents giving their children purity rings or letting them make a promise, because its not up to the parents to make that decision is it? I think its better to talk about anticonception and such with your kids than telling then you'll disown them if they have sex. Obviously I'm not saying every 12 year old should be running of and having sex, you can still tell your kids about true love and being ready etc. I just think a purity ring is more of a symbol than a binding contract and only works if one is really committed to it.

Ditto, if the kid wants one, not the parents, then go for it

As long as they're under their parents' roof, they need to abide by those rules. So I'd say it pretty much is their parents' decision.

You're not suppose to have sex until you're 17 dumb *****

BlueFlatts 20

Damn, it's like a binding contract. Now you two can't break up or have sex.

You just got suckered into forming an Unbreakable Vow! Very Slytherin of the mother. Was the father the binder?

True, don't have sex, or else you'll get pregnant and die, a unbreakable vow indeed. Seems like coach Car was right after all.

peanutfoo 19

Ahh Harry potter references :)

Imhere4fml 24

At least she got you something and cares about your future, unlike other fmls where they talk about how a waste of time you are :)

You are screwed. Oh wait..

Could be she likes you... Or hopes it will drive you away.

You'll have to say something if you goes one step further and gets you a matching chastity belt...