By Shocked - 17/07/2009 19:24 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I exchanged promise rings. I promised that I would stay committed to him and that he was the only one for me. He promised that he would stop seeing other woman behind my back. He wasn't kidding. FML
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Jander went from feminist to troll. Congratulations.

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Well he still can cheat on you... As long as you no "Behind your back"

The real FML is that you live in New Jersey

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#116 real men wouldn't cheat. Please don't confuse us with boys.

That's really messed up! Drop that fool!

Keep the ring he gave you, take yours back and leave him! Major assholery.

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Yes. Keep the ring as a reminder that promise rings mean CRAP and are just for people who aren't to the point of making a legitimate committment.

At least he is going to stop, even though that's not much consolement for finding out you're being cheated on. :(

You actually beleive he's going to stop when he's been getting away with it for as long as he has...

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YDI for staying with him... dont be suprised if he does it again. Does this remind anyone of Kobe...mess up heres a ring?

How do you know she stayed with him after the incident?

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I agree with everyone who said dump him. Seriously. A ring won't keep him from cheating... Remember that they can be taken off.

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it's really annoying when FML's end with 'he/she wasn't kidding' if its an FML, we know it didnt end well

You must be either under 11 years old or very angry at something someone you loved once did to you. Oh wait, nevermind, I just read your name.....

Yeah #10, what's with the username lol........... "Pedobear loves da little boys" O.O (haha jk)

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This FML reminds me of an old one on VDM (the French-language FML), is this a "ripoff" or mere coincidence ?

You "fake" conspiracy theorists really need to go the **** away already. Who gives a shit if it's real or not, it's funny. For **** sakes. Take the **** out of your ass and find something to do with yourself.

well, these "My boyfriend/girlfriend has been seeing other people for a long time" FMLs stop being funny about the 5th time you see them. They're getting old.

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i agree with the #29 chick/dude. just read the ******* storys and laugh! if they are fake, then what the hell r u going to do about it ?!

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I wanted to activate my "insult mode" but ... well anyway. I've never said it was a fake FML, I said it looked like an old VDM (i.e a French FML.) I only suggested that someone _might_ have recycled it. If you can read French maybe you could judge for yourself, here's the URL