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  keyran143  |  10

Sometimes I accidentally press YDI while I'm scrolling and I'm like ahhhh no I didn't mean to do it may have happened to those 14 people...who knows


@65 I'm sure she meant"porn on the internet is free"...which it is...more people on this forum spend their comments on correcting grammar and pointing out errors. Contribute to the actual convo yo!

  tw124331  |  13

What's wrong with dating porn stars? Just because it's comprised of independent women/men making money off someone else's vices? Isn't that the basic business plan of every company in the entertainment industry? The porn industry is a safer place to find sex rather than picking people up in bars, or chat forums.

And also, this is an industry where women can make more than the men. No glass ceiling in porn!

  chinaski7628  |  32

Presumably because she liked or loved him and presumed he had many good qualities she was attracted to. Two years is a long time to stay with someone just for sex, especially if you're ambivalent about that person. That's kind of why it's an FML.

By  davincidasecond  |  24

That better had been an awful, stupid joke. Because unless it was, I hope for him, jerking off will have to be good enough forever. That's a shitty thing to say, especially to his girlfriend.