By SpaceAstronaut - 28/12/2009 21:42 - United States

Today, I decided to take a nap while listening to my iPod, on the lowest volume possible. My girlfriend woke me up by turning the volume all the way up. I still can't hear out of both ears. FML
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iPods doooo go that loud. mine does atleast... that was a bitch move from the gf.

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We're all completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.


Yarrachel 16

First! Go ahead and bury my comment I don't care.

Yarrachel 16

This comment is completely irrelevant.

Yarrachel 16

We're all completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

Your mom is relevant in the grand scheme of things.

where would you find someone better than her?? she's awesome!

Yarrachel 16

Your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

I agree with number 60 , you ma'am are an idiot

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Well, perhaps you shouldn't rewire your iPod to a YACHT battery so that it can get that loud.

Well perhaps you shouldn't post an irrelevant comment in a comments thread about irrelevance. Wait...

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I was being all badass by being TRULY irrelevant.

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Everyone shut the f*** up and it won't be irrelavent and QUITE

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Read 138's comment while watching Doctor Who.

Good thing you weren't asleep in a tanning bed. Besides, stop being such a puss.

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Yeah they do. You can change the max volume and depending on the song, they can get pretty loud

Not loud enough to shoot out your hearing for any length of time. Ringing in your ears? Yes.

Yeah, actually it would be possible. Turn up the song volume on iTunes first then turn the song volume all the way up.

No, it doesn't matter how loud the song's data claims it to be, it will be limited by the amount of power the iPod is able to put out and limited again by the power of the earbuds/headphones/speakers. We're talking about causing hearing loss for at least 5-10 minutes (probably much longer) from only listening for the couple of seconds it would have taken to yank on the cord. Use your brain and learn what hyperbole is. No commercial products can do go that loud; it would be a huge safety concern.

boatkicker 4

If you have good hearing then yes, it can go up high enough to cause you to not be able to hear for a relatively long time. I lost my hearing for about 2 hours once, and my ears rang for a while after that.

That's not what we call "good hearing". If an iPod can do that to you, you really ought to see a doctor. iPods peak at around 120 decibels - just a little higher than an average rock concert. But 130 is the generally accepted limit before there should be any potential for short-term hearing loss, let alone two hours worth. Your ears are obviously in very poor health to be so easily affected by music at what many people find to be a comfortable and enjoyable listening level.

My sister is an audiologist. iPods can reach around 130 dBs. Safe listening levels are around 85 dBs. You may be able to listen to loud music and go to concerts and stand next to the speakers for hours on end and not experience anything more than mild tinnitus (ringing in your ears). But when you get older, you'll probably start to experience significant hearing loss. Your listening habits today, will affect you hearing in the future. The iPod generation is going to be deaf or hard-of-hearing in 10-20 years... now is a good time to get your doctorate in audiology, because audiologists are going to make bank. My suggestion for now is to turn down your headphones, if others can hear it, it's probably too loud. And when you go to bars, clubs, concerts or any place that's loud, bring and use hearing protection. Most people don't use those foam earplugs properly... if you can see the foam sticking out of your ear, they're not in far enough and aren't doing their job. I have a pair of custom fitted earplugs with a 25 dB filter (because I'm a drummer), and I won't play or go to clubs, bars, concerts or anyplace loud without them in.

"That's not what we call 'good hearing'" Who's "we?" Are you an audiologist? 115 dB is a about a standard rock concert. At about 125 dB, you'll begin to feel pain in your ears. It doesn't sound like there's much wring with boatkicker's hearing. It sounds like there's something wrong with your hearing. Perhaps the reason why you prefer your music so loud, is because you can't hear it at lower levels, which would indicate a level of hearing loss. I hope you like the idea of wearing hearing aids.

iPods really aren't that loud. Unless you're a weenie. By I have..not the best hearing so mines allthe way up anyways. I like it that way. @96: I'm a drummer too and the custom made earplugs are expensive as crap. More like gold than crap tho LOL. Also if you wear foam earplugs. You ARE supposed to see them, ears aren't that big. It can't go that far into your ear that it would disapear. Also just a short anecdote... I went to the University of North Texas Marching Percussion Camp this summerrr and I didn't have earplugs the first two days..I started to hear a ringing noise non stop. So I wore ear plugs and now it's better. I play snare though, now everytime I practice I wear ear plugs. It's so important to protect your hearing. Bill Bachman almost went deaf and gave up drumming completely, he's actually the reason I wear ear plugs all the time now. He told us his story and when you can hear a ringing noise at 16, you know somethings wrong! Protect your hearing!!! I realize how contradicting I am in this post.

LMAO! Broomstick you dumb shit, we're talking about IMMEDIATE hearing loss here, not long-term. I think you saw the point, but then you ran right past it and attacked a different one entirely.

You are misinformed. Your sister needs to be more specific with her decibels. iPods can have a decibel output voltage that high, but that is not the same as the sound pressure level in decibels.

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what did you say? btw,I don't show a number one in the comments, so I'll claim it.

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I was number 1, but my first comment was deleted. I can't catch a break. I'm going to go drown my sorrows now.

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I don't know if iPods go THAT loud, but Zune does. My selective hearing is even worse now. FYL...?

^ LOL!!!! I have terrible selective hearing, especially when I'm in the zone (during band practice I don't even know what the show sounds like, only the percussion parts) pffft :p Not a good thing but oh well

Tell me, how does one hear 'out of his ears'? I'd love to learn that trick, whatever it is!

We normal people hear out of our ears.. Do you hear out of your butt??!

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Umm they are saying their deaf

Really 142? Looks more like they're trying to attack OP's grammar and failing.

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I agreed and disagreed, cause your life sucks, and you deserved it.

Be somewhat upset about it and express your disappointment, sure, but dump her over one stupid move? Seems a little over the top to me. The OP will be fine by morning. iPods aren't too dangerous in that department unless you're listening to loud music all the time.