By Anonymous - 27/11/2015 15:28 - United States - Jamestown

Today, I was in a play and had a battle scene. I got a little too into it and wound up twisting my ankle. The audience was treated to me screaming like a little girl before face-planting the stage a moment later. FML
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And this is why I have stage fright. lol.

When you sell your part you really go for the Oscar!

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And this is why "break a leg" is a bad statement to use for endearment. Hope your ankle is okay op!

It probably just made the battle more realistic. I wouldn't worry about the audience too much. Sucks about your ankle tho

From a battle scene to a screaming little girl—most actors would kill to be as versatile as you.

Shit like this is why I didn't join drama

Shit like this is why I did. You never know what to expect.