By Anonymous - 17/11/2014 15:47 - United States - Rochester

Today, my 12-year-old daughter informed me that she is eager to lose her virginity, "Because I don't want to be thrown into a volcano!" FML
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Volcanoes aren't places you wanna be thrown into.

You should have that talk with her


You should have that talk with her

Just throw her in a volcano and save yourself the trouble.

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And have her stop watching Disney

#72 I think she watched "the house bunny". regardless, I don't think that's a movie meant for 12 year-olds.

Volcanoes aren't places you wanna be thrown into.

How else will I evolve Charmeleon?!

Pokesnap good times

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#81, Pokemon snap (Pokesnap) is a game...

You have a lovely kid.

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#4 you could probably say that for every FML.

@40, new competition, find an FML you can't lol

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@ 40 and 106 Today, I went completely deff. Doc says it's permanent. Fml.

who?? how?? when?? did such an idea enter her head?

the Aztecs did that to the virgins

However there's also a myth on the Internet that if you stay a virgin until you're 30, you become a wizard. she could use that to prevent getting thrown into the volcano.

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I remember an episode of Johnny Bravo when he was about to be sacrificed to a volcano by women, since they needed a virgin. He then said, "Whoa, I'm not a virgin!" Childhood :)

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There was an episode of Supernatural where they threw a virgin into a volcano to make her the Mother of All

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That's from a video game, actually.

#86, Aztecs were here before video games.

The movie "The House Bunny" immediately came to mind when I read this FML.

they did it hundreds of years ago supposedly for good luck or something

Never can go wrong with a good sacrifice.

Sacrifice does perfect, doesn't it precious?

Well, we all must make sacrifices from time to time.

You should have talked to her about the appropriate age to do such things. Even if she doesn't follow the suggestions she will be more likely to lose it around that range.

I think you might want to have a talk with her.

She probably has no idea what she is talking about

Thank the American educational system ??

More like thank the internet. Not everything bad that happens is because we Americans are stupid.

My 5th grade A.G.E. teacher refused to say anything about actual intimacy or intercourse or how sperm gets to the female side. I didn't understand anything about sex besides the parts and stuff until 8th grade. I don't know where this kid got anything about volcano sacrifices, though.

@66 Does it matter? Did you really need that information in 5th-8th grade?

@68, Is there an age range in which you deserve to learn about your body? It's the idea that we should keep this information from kids that is really harming them. If they don't learn it from school, they'll learn it from their friends and get wrong information. You teach kids to wear their seatbelt from the earliest age possible, you don't pretend like cars don't exist until they're of legal driving age. Prevention requires knowledge.

More like if they don't learn it from their parents. Schools have no business going over that stuff because those are the things parents teach when the kid's ready. If the parents don't deal with that by a certain point, anything that happens is their own damn fault. Not quite sure that 12 would be that point though, but I guess the media's decided otherwise.

#85 Why can't school's teach kids about the facts of life? I think the idea that it's the parents job only is silly. Yes, parents should still talk to their kids but some refuse. Secondly, it's been proven that rates of teenage pregnancy and STD transmissions are lower in places where kids have proper sex ed so clearly it's more beneficial than sitting around expecting the parents to tell them. Secondly, a 12 year old is more than ready to have a sex talk. You do realise that they're going through puberty right?

the average age a girl loses her virginity is 13 so yea you should probably be talking to them about it

#102 in what country? Last time I checked the average age girls lose their virginity according to actual statistics is 17