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Today, I tried fixing my dad's lawnmower after he said, "Girls can't change a lightbulb right, let alone fix a machine." An hour later, when I had the lawnmower running again, he bitched me out for trying to make him "look stupid." He's been sulking and acting pissy ever since. FML
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So he wants you to be helpless? I'm sorry, but that's the dumbest shit ever.. You go girl! Haha


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"Look at me. I'm the captain now."

I don't think you should have humiliated him like that, although he had no right to say that. Granted, he shouldn't look down on you or think less of women, but even if you had been a son, sometimes it's humiliating when someone else (especially your child) fixes something so easily that you've been struggling with. I think you could've gone about it with more sensitivity to him, or at least waited for him to ask for your help, considering he's clearly from a different generation and that likely really hurt him.

What was she supposed to do? Let her father say sexist comments about women? If anything he should be proud that she fixed something even her old man couldn't do.

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@33 that bunk. OP didn't humiliate him. He humiliated himself by holding to outmoded and sexist beliefs that's been proven wrong centuries ago. He is in control of how he deals with being wrong. He simply chose the wrong path.

33, that's the most stupid thing I've ever ******* read.

#33, that is the dumbest thing I've read in a while.

33 any parent worth their salt would want to push their children to become as good as they can be, not hold them back and sulk when they've been outshined.

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28, that's an amazing movie

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Haha yes let's stroke men's precious egos so they don't get butt hurt.

"Girls can't even change a lightbulb right?" False: I'm a girl aviation electrician. I change the **** out of lightbulbs... on flying death machines.

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#79 I'm with OP and strongly believe women are a gift on this world, but please, in the other hand I'm a man and don't like when people generalize about us either, not all men have that kind of egos. We are only speaking of OP's dad, in this case.

#33, So you're saying that she shouldn't have tried to be a kind daughter and instead make him fix it? Apparently you take kindness as an insult...

Sure you 'proved' him wrong, but I doubt his attitude will change, it's too deeply engrained, all it will result in is you feeling better above 'proving' him and him feeling upset. P.S. Although I disagree with his view, women are just as capable

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gotta love how everyone else is bashing the sexist and then there's this person.

Hell yeah. You rock OP. Never let anyone tell you you can't do something cus you're a girl. And #33? You're a moron. Not abiding by someone else's bigotry is not "disrespectful". No one should have to apologize for solving a problem. OPs dad just is upset that a girl beat him at something. He's a small minded twit and deserved to have his butt handed to him. OP's dad was the only person in this being disrespectful and if OP waited for daddy's permission to not be a worthless doormat, sounds like she'd die before that happened. Telling a girl that she should wait for anyone's permission to be everything she can, is horrible.

It sucks having a sexist dad. I'm tech-savvy, and I offer to help my dad with his virus-ridden computers all the time. Of course, he can't swallow pride to save his life, so he ends up spending hundreds of dollars on computer repairmen just so they can press a button on the keyboard to fix the problem. It's amazing the lengths that some men will go to just to keep women down.

#95, thank you for finally saying that, you know those guys who you think are jackasses, we think they are too. (Usually)

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@95, oh yes. the "not all men" comment is finally here. no shit not all men we dont need you to specify that. and please dont treat women as if theyre an object or a "gift".

So he wants you to be helpless? I'm sorry, but that's the dumbest shit ever.. You go girl! Haha

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That's what he gets for being a prick.

Gender roles are absolutely annoying. Sorry, OP. But at least it's fixed!

sounds like your dad needs to grow up a little

Well, although I'd say he's in the wrong, he can't really help it. He was brought up in an entirely different time, and, for lack of a better word "brainwashed" into believing that. Trying to change his beliefs would probably be a waste of time and effort. You can't get everyone to have the 'right' view, and trying to prove them wrong in mist cases will only result in them feeling frustrated and upset and you feeling accomplished.

99, your username is entirely too girly to be on such a sensitive site as FML, or using technology at all. Why not start up a new hobby, like gardening or baking? All sexism aside, I believe you are (unfortunately) quite correct. He seems past the point of filling in the obsolete canyon of thought he's grooved into his mind.

#99 & #107: Who cares how deeply-engrained his beliefs are? That should never forgive ignorance nor disrespect, and it certainly doesn't mean that the rest of the world shouldn't take anything he says seriously and/or tiptoe around him in order to avoid upsetting him. I mean, imagine how much he upset his daughter by saying those things. And, how much he must've said to her while she was growing up... You're saying she should just accept it? He needs to learn to be a mature adult and quit sulking.

Yeah "tiptoeing" around people like that would mean it would be another thousand years before women have any rights

@131; In agreeing with 99, I never meant that we should condone the father's behavior. I meant that it was probably a waste of time to try changing his opinion. I think he's lucky to have a daughter who is intelligent enough to fix a motorcycle despite being raised in an environment where his most noticeable contribution to her upbringing was making sure she knew how worthless her ****** made her.

Well, looks like he could learn a thing or two from you. Way to show him!

I'm not sure you're the only girl around, your Dad needs to grow a pair.

Using "girl" as an insult doesn't really help your point.

You didn't make him look like anything. It's his fault for being ignorant. At least you know your worth.

sorry your dad is sexist, good on you for proving him wrong! time to ask mum how she put up with his attitude toward women.

Probably by going along with it like most of the women in 50's

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Now break all the lightbulbs in the house and see if he can fix them

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Its not about fixing broken bulbs its about changing bulbs. By the way no one can fix a broken bulb.

How many sexists does it take to change a lightbulb?

#148 None, because they can't and secretly gets their daughters to do it for them!

Go girl! As a female mechanic myself, men get WAY too upset at being "shown up" by a female. Shrug it off and walk with confidence!

As a male mechanic I would find a woman who liked fixing things incredible sexy if she was better then me that's just a bonus

Yeah but what if we don't want to be found incredibly Sexy? I wish equality was the norm... Probably not going to happen in my lifetime...

How is finding it sexy when a woman(or man) has a similar passion as you unequal?

@104 equality isn't about what's "sexy", it's about equal pay for equal work, it's about having the opportunity to do jobs that have previously been seen as "for men". Female mechanics being paid for the work they do is a prime example of equality in modern society - get your head out your ass. Equality can be sexy.

I agree! Men can go two ways with female mechanics. I get a lot of sexist remarks but I brush them off, because I know what I'm doing and that's all that matters.

I would say the point is that women and their work is not done for the sole purpose of giving a guy a boner or causing him to lose it via "emasculation" the point is respect. The same kind a guy would give his male peers. Equal pay for equal work is what would be evidence of that respect.

As a female whom loves blueprints and repair it's quite annoying when men go on about how it's a male job...