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Today, I babysat a 10 year old from hell. She kept insulting me, saying I have tiny boobs, that boys must hate me, and that I'm ugly. I eventually got fed up and put her to bed. When her parents came back, she ran out of her room in tears and told them I'd beaten her. They believed it. FML
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That's when Drake and Josh pushed me to the ground. What? We didn't do that! Right. Like I decided to lie on the ground and scream.


Can confirm. Source: was a 10 year old at one point.

JMichael 25

I don't think it's a maybe. That child needs taught a lesson in how karma works.

i have never seen a 10 year old girl act like that my whole life, usually they're just the snitches at school and the daddys girl type...

Honestly while the child was misbehaving I would've pulled out my phone to secretly record her just to show the parents that. Even without expecting something like her making that up, I would've done it just so at the end of the night I could've been like "hey look at how disrespectful she was tonight." It may not have helped with the parents believing the abuse story but at the very least they couldn't argue the fact that their child wasnt being a little brat.

That's not a bad idea, but I suspect that it wouldn't have helped. There is a reason the kid is like that, and more often than not, barring any special needs concerns, it was due to the parents allowing that sperm blossom to manipulate them and give in to her every whim. I know someone who has a 8 year old boy just like this. "Oh, we discipline him" and then they back down from the discipline 10 minutes later and hand him what he threw the temper tantrum over in the first place. And they wonder why the psychologists haven't found anything wrong with him.

So little kids being assholes is a thing now I'm assuming

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We don't need the type of people who wish death upon children.

popprock 13

Well, that escalated quickly, I mean, that really got out of gabd fast.

Both of you are right, but she is going to be the kind if girl who screams rape and gets an innocent person put behind bars. The kid deserves a smack around the ears and the parents obviously do too if they cannot tell she was bullshitting.

Of course the kid needs to get smacked around the ears some, but hoping she'll fall down the stairs and break her neck? Yeesh. She's just a kid and deserves to be taught a lesson.

You're right, you're right. I apologize for the harshness of the comment. I just can't stand brats like that honestly, I mean I love children, but those types of kids just make me ballistic. She really needs a smack and a lesson. I hope she doesn't grow up to be one of those girls. They are the bitchiest of all

Someone who loves kids wouldn't hope they fall off a cliff, or down the stairs and break there neck...

I would probably beat the shit out of her to make her statement the truth.

There's always that one person that takes it too far.

I'd say mental hospital, she could be a young psychopath in the making and spanking or any other kind of lesson may not work.

I can't believe how bad parents can be sometimes.

Ehhhh, I don't blame the parents really. If I had a kid and they said their babysitter was beating them, I would instantly believe them, too. Of course, I would ask to see where and see the marks too, but the point is, the parents aren't bad parents for believing their kid for something that actually could have happened.

I think #4 was talking about how the parents raised their kid for her to be so rude and lie

Not sure how great a parenting job they've done with a kid that feels it's ok to insult perfect strangers and then lie about being beaten... Good parents probably wouldn't produce spawn like that.

That's when Drake and Josh pushed me to the ground. What? We didn't do that! Right. Like I decided to lie on the ground and scream.

No amount of money is worth all that. I'm sure there's other kids that deserve your attention. Good luck, OP. (if u have to babysit her again, bring a bible, some holy water and a priest)

I'm pretty sure she was just jealous of your assets...she'll have to wait another three plus years.

ulissey_fml 22

Or so they said. Surely it's not the first time she's pulled a trick like that , they're probably too embarrassed to admit they've raised a brat. The positive side of this is that you won't have to babysit her ever again.

let's just hope they said she deserved the beating

NiceGuysDoWin 21

This style of parenting is what's wrong with the world today. "My baby is an angel. She couldn't possibly do anything wrong". Until you realize that your kid is just as capable of manipulative BS as any other kid, they will walk all over you and grow up to be monsters. Your job as a parent is to discipline them and teach them how to be functional human beings.

That style of parenting is definitely not new. There have always been lying, manipulative, bratty children. Probably always will be.

sempisaviour 17

#15: You are so right. Like, I had an ex-friend, with the WORST parents ever. They'd place the blame on others when she brought her problems on herself... And she still thinks she's the bees' knees. She really needs to learn how to function.