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Today, my daughter asked why there was an X marked on a telephone pole. I told her it meant that they were going to remove it. She started crying and saying, "They can't kill the tree!" She's 16. FML
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Parent-"That poor tree has been in tree heaven for a while dear."


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I'd like to hug those knockers

telegraph? wouldn't it be a telephone pole?...

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or hydro? I don't think many people use a telegraph anymore... beep beep beep bep.

wouldn't she just be a wood hugger? I mean if it's a pole, the tree is already dead lol OP, you've shown great parenting skills. Not. :P

Tree humpers are worst than tree huggers...

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Because being a wood hugger wood show even worse parenting skills, as the term 'wood hugger' sounds like a strange term for hand job. :) Then her daughter wold be a ho.

tree huger? what's that something that makes trees bigger?

Maybe something special happen to her there? :D

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the boobs are gross :/ idk it's your opinion but I just gave mine

wow I find it funny how there haven't been any blonde jokes thus far.

Idiot daughter can still worship my wood

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don't use toilet paper hug a tree don't wipe your ass with it

Careful, lads, they look like they might explode if you squeeze too hard. :P

yeah fake boobs are weird. I bet she's leaning over in the pic because she can't stand straight up with those things

Maybe it was a tree and the 'daughter' was 5. It's hard to tell. There certainly isn't a TELEGRAPH pole. The word is telephone. OP could be 90 and confused.

damn who's that girl on ur profile pic :)

be wary of her, she has 3 heads. like a hydra

Uh oh. She malfunctioned. Her Emergency Floatation Devices have already fired. Looks like they've had some work done before. Must be a lemon.

Have you ever thought she was just joking

What do tree hugers do? Make trees huge? I do know about tree huggers. Obviously, the only reason this comment got so many thumbs up is because of...boobs in your pic. Her face is a bit manly, by the way.

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165, is an environmentalist, and no we just dont give a flying **** about a tree

damn tree hugers.....damn distracting boobs!

165- manly meaning a nice way of saying, her face is no comparison at all to her ****, we call that a butter face haha

165- Did he just come out of the closet??

it's not really a girl it's a guy he just thought she was hot so he made her his profile pic and just enjoy the pic :)

I was the first person to comment on this asking who the chick was from the pro pic. I got banned for that. FML.

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I think that's the same girl who was stupid. When her mom gave the bank teller her daughter's birth certificate, the daughter was like "How do you know my name" and the was like I've raised a nitwit

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maybe she likes trees alot? :)

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Whenever anyone says "I see what you did there", I just want to strangle them. Are you so proud that you picked up on some wordplay that you feel the need to share it with the FML world with a stupid comment?

woah settle down there buddy no need to flip a tit its just a cliché, i actually find it kinda funny

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Calm down. It's not even that serious...

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lmao. when I posted it, I re-read the fml and realized I rushed through it and didn't read it right, but I didn't change it, just to see which know-it-all's would comment on it.

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it is when the Op thinks her daughter is a moron :P

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No sorry you couldn't be that stupid so why write that?

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god! you know there's a thing called sarcasm!

I think I'm the only one who remembers the Leave Britney Alone video..

I remember the episode of South Park where they made a refrence to it... I never saw the actual video.

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hahaha noo I remember that:)

He looks far better as a girl than a guy.

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why the **** is my comment thumbed down when this is thumbed up? same ******* comment.

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why the **** do you give a ****?

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^ haa that's what I'm sayinn.

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6/28- first thing I thought of when I read the original post (#6) ... so unfortunately, you're not alone

*insert witty comment here that gets a ton of likes* I seem to be at a loss as to what to say. I'm ashamed..

This shit won't fly. No go sit in a corner, and think about what you just did.

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Insert comment about inserting a comment here

your plan does not seemed to have worked troll

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this isn't YouTube 7, that doesn't work here

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That could be every over-emotional 16 year old girl i've ever met. :)

it took her 16 years to figure out that those aren't trees anymore? where's the parenting?

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She obviously still has not figured it out.

Oh my god, they killed Kenny! The ba...oh no, it's just a tree.

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Really though, it's a pole. Actually, no, it's a horse. Ah, but really it's a broom.

To be honest with you DKJazz...I'm surpwised.