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  Jammy01jams  |  2

or hydro? I don't think many people use a telegraph anymore... beep beep beep bep.

  2ndSucks  |  15

Because being a wood hugger wood show even worse parenting skills, as the term 'wood hugger' sounds like a strange term for hand job. :) Then her daughter wold be a ho.

  cicatrice_fml  |  8

What do tree hugers do? Make trees huge? I do know about tree huggers. Obviously, the only reason this comment got so many thumbs up is because of...boobs in your pic. Her face is a bit manly, by the way.

  Temi25  |  6

I think that's the same girl who was stupid. When her mom gave the bank teller her daughter's birth certificate, the daughter was like "How do you know my name" and the was like I've raised a nitwit

  bfsd42  |  20

Whenever anyone says "I see what you did there", I just want to strangle them. Are you so proud that you picked up on some wordplay that you feel the need to share it with the FML world with a stupid comment?

  hellokittay  |  5

lmao. when I posted it, I re-read the fml and realized I rushed through it and didn't read it right, but I didn't change it, just to see which know-it-all's would comment on it.