The Headmaster Ritual

By angry mama - 21/09/2019 00:01

Today, while picking my daughter up from school, I saw her being beaten by two boys while the teacher stood there doing nothing. I ran to help, but then she pushed one of the boys off her. The teacher then pulled her away, yelled at her and then yelled at me for "not raising my kid right." FML
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TomeDr 24

Yeah, that’s a lawsuit right there! See if there’s any security camera footage and call the police!

Wow. Great teacher 😡


Wow. Great teacher 😡

TomeDr 24

Yeah, that’s a lawsuit right there! See if there’s any security camera footage and call the police!

Show the teacher just how alike you and your daughter are by kicking his ass, too.

Was the teacher expecting your daughter to put up a better fight?

I don’t care what the rules are. “Never start a fight, but if you are left with no other choice, FINISH it. Cheat if nessecary.”

there is no cheating in a straight up fight. only competitions have rules.

I think this needs elaborating, about what happened before you pulled up

You think she did something to make them go after her?

Mungolikecandy 19

It would not really make a whole lot of difference if she did do something before which was not evident. The teacher should not have just stood by and watched two boys attack another pupil.

doesn't matter shes a girl two boys are pussies

sign her up for some martial arts/ self defence class asap

Mungolikecandy 19

At the very least a formal complaint against that teacher. As others have said query if there is cctv in that area.

As a teacher, I can tell you that we unfortunately do have to punish victims if they physically fight back, which is why we tell kids not to. BUT those other kids should be suspended at the very least and that teacher should be penalized (maybe even fired) for not punishing the other kids and for making that comment to you.

Telling victims that they can’t defend themselves from bullies or other assailants only perpetuates bullying because they know they can get away with it. Surely we are smart enough to know the difference between condoning violence and self defense.

Time to sue the school and district.