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By Anonymous - 09/03/2013 01:11 - Argentina - Buenos Aires

Today, my boyfriend's daughter asked me what would happen if she chose to stop urinating for two weeks. She wanted to know whether it would kill her or just start coming out of her mouth. She's 17 years-old, and was deadly serious. FML
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perdix 29

Uremic poisoning will kill her. It won't come out of her mouth, it'll just go into her bloodstream and kill her. The human race will end up a little bit smarter if you dare her to try ;)

You mean it wouldn't?


First comment and soo dumb

First to get moderated too.

You mean it wouldn't?

Okay, wouldn't it come to the point where her sphincters couldn't hold it anymore & she would just pee herself?

FarFromSocial 9

coming to the conclusion of when you gotta go you gotta go!

If you hold it in too long your bladder can burst, I guess you'd die if you don't treat that. the question wasn't actually that stupid

72- Um, for a 17-year old, it totally was.

Yeah okay it was, especially the pee out your mouth part, don't really see how anyone could get that idea

Encourage her to try it, then she will know.

perdix 29

Uremic poisoning will kill her. It won't come out of her mouth, it'll just go into her bloodstream and kill her. The human race will end up a little bit smarter if you dare her to try ;)

I think doc's too busy face-palming.

Or..hear me out. It may be the craziest thing ever, but you could just research it.

doesn't the bladder burst first before the poisoning?

You ruined ALL the fun #33.

perdix 29

#48, the fun thing would be to accept my guess as the truth. If I'm not right, I think I'm pretty close. I'm not a complete idiot (imbecile, dunce, etc.)

48. Put on a shirt. You look ( from that vantage / angle ) like you have boobs -- not pecs. Lol

tatsumahyuu 5

Lol 33 just thinks we are

Lizzy500 16

If she was blocked, then the uremia would kill her, or her bladder would burst. And for whoever asked, the poisoning sets in long before the bladder bursts. If she was just trying to hold it, she'd end up pissing herself eventually. Keep the camera handy and dare her to try.

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I blame people who are just plain stupid and lack common sense.

I blame incest.

I blame teachers who are just plain stupid and lack common sense.

The public school system can do so much. The rest is on the child

I blame those God damned Nazis.

im sorry but I'm a junior and the teachers never taught us what would happen mostly because they assume you're smart enough to piss when you need too

It will come out of the ears? Right?

Talk about piss-poor hearing.

wlddog 14

I think we should do a study and find out. Have her go ahead and hold it in for 2 weeks. We will document everything. We can even place bets, like how many times will she piss her pants before giving this whole thing up. How often will she pee in bed. Will her eyes float.... The list goes on foreer. This is for science people.

I think urine did just come out of her mouth. The equivalent, anyway.

Verbal incontinence.

More like the bullshit

Incompetent incontinence.

You have a bladder in your trachea?

As long as your uvula and your urethra aren't tangled, you'll be fine.

that would be the equivalent of feces not urine

What do you expect from a product of our educational system? I guarantee she would be able to tell you how to wrap a penis with a condom or who to talk to to schedule an abortion.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Wow I know it must be hard to think or read when you're high, but pay attention. OP's from Argentina, not America. And you're saying America's known for having decent sex ed? LOL.

RpiesSPIES 27

If I recall my sex ed lesson in 8th grade, then women have little teeth-like things lining the insides of their butts and the... Other side... And having sex with them would cut your penis and give you HIV. /exampleofussexed

Michael_92 20

Michael quit making terrible comments and giving us "smarter" Mikes a bad name!

#32 I sat there and read your hash tag word (without the actual hash tag) like 4 or 5 times before I realized what it actually said. At least you made me laugh before I realized how tired I am for focusing that long on something insignificant. Example of US Sex Ed. Going to bed now...

There's no hashtag symbol bc it uses a slash, meaning "end" in code (e.g. HTML). It suggests that the entire rest of the post fits into that category (exampleofussexed). This commenting format existed pre-Twitter.

acerima 11

#8 while the OP isn't from the US, I agree with you whole hearted. The idea Americans have of sex ed is stupid, all it is is sex promotion among America's youth. For whatever reason people nowadays think it's the governments job to raise their children.

The American public school system made this Argentinian girl stupid? Wow. Our education system does suck.

American sex ed... :turns on TV and sees 16 and pregnant:

ShananaginsLOL 13

At my school it's mostly how to roll a joint, smoke a bong, and read a pregnancy test...... Sad

Wizzlbang 10

Tell her to give it a try and see how long she lasts.

One day she is going to become a great doctor

spearcom 13

The next Kelly bundy

I believe the current Kelly Bundy. I mean she is 17 and already a freshman.

Michael_92 20

I wonder how many people here have no idea what she is from.

PerditaDessa 38

50, Hopefully none.