By bleredoshia - New Zealand

Smart kid

Today, after church, my 5-year-old son asked me about God, so I answered his questions in full. We talked about God for over 2 hours. At the end of it all, he pondered for a moment, before saying to me, "That's the stupidest thing I ever heard. You're dumb." FML
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  ballsmahoney  |  0

ahaha wow! your kids heretic and will face judgement! bullshit! ahah wow, I mean seriously, that means he's using logic unlike the rest of these holy homies. you could learn from him!

  timma90  |  4

Pfft I would piss on his parade if I was to assume that death is just pitch black and their so called "god" is a muderious joker who kills the innocence in this shithole so called life.

Religion who needs it. =|


God is definitely not a "fairytale" and when that judgement day comes, your gonna wish that you believed and had faith. If only you truly knew the knowledge of our Lord, you would know that he isn't fake. But that's my faith, all of you are entitled to your own beliefs. I just pray that some of you see the light before it's too late.

  rustypouch  |  0

I am familiar with the Christian mythos. I have fully read the Bible, and I know few Christians who have done so. I just can get over the absurdness of the basic principle and and all the contradictions and nonsense in it.

  Aduro  |  0

Oh shush, You don't even know if your supposed "God" is real, in truth, use simple logic, if he really is all that powerful, then why doesn't he care about us? Its because he isn't real, he doesn't give a shit about the human race. Otherwise he's just corrupted because of all the power he has over everyone, because, religion these days has NO balance of power. Remember the saying "Absolute Power Corrupts absolutely"

  ImSoBaKed  |  0

#11, no, I'm pretty sure he is actually. Have you seen him with your own eyes? Have you ever heard him? How do you know he's real?There is no factual proof, his 'grave' has never been found (Although I'm sure the grave doesnt even exist). The only evidence of God (Which, by the way, is Dog backwards, probably describes the man who made him up) Is written, which is extremeley innacurate. Now prove that he's real...

  TapeMan_3000  |  0

your kid isn't smart. hes the dumbass who is going to burn in he'll. and to all you people saying "lol this kid is smart! Christians suck!" wait till the rapture in a few years and we'll see who's getting tortured then.

  ElMundio87  |  0

#121 you presume to think you can judge others to eternal damnation? pretty sure that's gods domain. So you think you can make decisions that god should be making? Sounds like heresy to me. WEll, looks like we'll both meet in hell ;)

  jonnystitt  |  0

LOL :P Religion, pft. It's a bailout for people too stupid to logically and rationally question information.
The reason that OP's son didn't believe a single thing OP said? Because only being 5 years old, he hasn't been brainwashed to the extent that he could believe some shit like that. I mean come on, you open the Bible, and the first thing you see is a story which has been proven wrong. Nice little taster of what is to come further on in the book...

  Aduro  |  0

110- There is absolutely no proof of his existance, how do you know its all the truth, did you ever stop to think for yourself and look at the facts to see if he existed?

  spermdump  |  0

but as we're atheists, we dont believe in hell ;) win.

and op, your son is the stuff legends are made of, be proud his 5 year old brain can already sieve through junk.

  ilikeyouuu  |  0

I am a proud Christian, but that sort of comment will not ever help save someone. As a Christian, or any other similar religion, you should know better than to condem someone else to Hell. that is not anyone's call, except for God.

  lizh_fml  |  9

thats what I hate about the 'youre all going to hell' argument, many prostelitising christians are very smug about this 'fact' but we will never get to do the same when they are proved to be wrong :)
ps your kid wins!