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  Today, I took my daughter to the lake. She told me she had to go to the bathroom and I whispered to her, "Just pee in the lake, it's fine, but go in a little deeper." She went in the lake and then turned to me to yell, "MOM, IS THIS DEEP ENOUGH FOR ME TO PEE?" FML
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Here are the possibilities in order of likeliness:
1) The dad (OP) told his daughter to pee in the lake, but the daughter still asked the question to her mum
2) The OP is a woman, and accidentally clicked 'man' when typing the FML
3) The OP accidentally typed "MOM" instead of "DAD"

Even if two homosexual men have a kid (which is possible #58. Ever heard of adoption? Surrogacy would be another option I guess), I doubt the kid would call one of the men "dad" and the other "mum". That just wouldn't make a jot of sense. More likely the kid would just call the men by their first name.

  jisaac09  |  25

Well, im guessing that, like all good parents, this guy has never exposed himself to this little girl so she dont know if hes a man or not cause he wears women's clothing and uses the "Ladies" room..... So i say, ur a good transvestite for not reveling ur junk to kids, but maybe u should sit her down and have a little talk about "mommy" likes to go to gay bars, when shes old enough to know.....

  dancin303  |  0

so it totally happened to someone else at the lake and he took this to make it his own. i dont believe its FAKE. its just not his fml. but dude change it to dad. or the person accidently selected man instead of woman

  blackbyrd  |  0

I am the person who wrote this FML... I chose anonymous, I am in fact a woman, therefore I am the MOTHER. Not a big freaking deal... I took my daughter to the lake, by myself. Everyone happy? Good.

By  razzumfrazzum  |  0

The kid's pee is probably the most sanitary thing in the lake so it really was ok. It does kinda suck that the kid wasn't aware of the fact that she was supposed to be discreet but hey she's a kid :D

  diet_otaku  |  0

not to mention god knows how many other creatures pee in the lake on a daily basis. people pee in swimming pools all the time, i fail to see what the big deal is about peeing in a lake.