By herve - 22/05/2009 19:50 - Lebanon

Today, my girlfriend of 2 years and I decided to have sex for the first time. When we were in the room, finally ready to start, she confessed that she had never seen a penis before. To make her more comfortable, I showed her mine. At the sight of it, well, she actually fainted. FML
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irishfever 0

not sure how to interpret this one.... haha that sucks it sounds like she's not ready... don't pressure her

kwbuzz23wk 0

sounds like a compliment


irishfever 0

not sure how to interpret this one.... haha that sucks it sounds like she's not ready... don't pressure her

two years and she never saw your dick. fuck your life! you are supposed to work in steps stupid. you don't just go straight to sex after two years, work up to that shit wowww you deserve it for being so fucking stupid and having dumb girlfriend

thatguy626 0

what a stud

was ur dick really that small??

i think you should have began with your finger, and after that, when she gets it, you continue with your "canon" :D .... mni7a :)

my fiancé and I were together 2 years before she saw my penis, she'd never seen one before that. But we waited a further year before actually having sex. and I DON'T regret waiting a long time.

she fainted? jackpot!

Score! I think you know what do now my friend ;) Step 1: get naked Step 2: Fu!k her Step 3:??? Step 4: profit! ;)

Toasty283 8

Maybe the awesomeness overwhelmed her.

kwbuzz23wk 0

sounds like a compliment

Stand_Up 0

that it does. (: lol

emilieee_fml 0

It was sooooo big, she passed out;)

This made ME laugh too hard.

pushinglimits_fml 0

that is one of the greatest things i've ever heard. maybe she was overwhelmed? and way to go, #3!

Haha my thoughts exactly

wow.. totally not ready for sex or what

How the hell didn't she see your dick after two years. You are waaaaaay more patient than I.

dude you're a legend. this made me laugh so friggin hard

3: Oh no, some people wait to have sex. The horror! I feel your girlfriend's pain, but then again, I'm a lesbian. ;]. Just take it slow with her, she's probably just nervous.

WickedPixie 0

I like your comment. ;)

Lesbian!? Hot ;] I don't like waiting but will for my gf. :P

could have been any penis.....not just yours

Rawrrr14 0

that disappointing huh? haha just kidding.....


cool name rawrrr

Well, either she thought it was terrifyingly disgusting, or she thought it was terrifyingly huge, you might be fucked, or not, either way.

Dude fyl 2 years and not even a handjob? Your dick must be really really ugly.