By DanTheMan - 21/10/2014 02:29

Today, my sister ended her long and extremely annoying crush on Justin Bieber. I can only hope one day my girlfriend will end hers too. FML
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OP, dating a minor is highly unethical and inappropriate.

Lets all hope she does.


Lets all hope she does.

I can't believe that at this point anybody still likes him

Him? I've seen pictures And it has no semblance of masculinity...

One of my close friends still LOVES Bieber. She has a poster in her locker. *sigh* I'm not exactly thrilled that she still likes him, but she's my friend so I'm just gonna let her roll with it.

Friends don't let friends like Justin Bieber 64

Why don't you just stab Justin Bieber?

2ndSucks 15

Your advice is not very helpful, man

many great men have tried... yet none prevailed.

that is not the intended use

Wiringify 22

Too much effort.

If anyone does this, I'll anonymously send them 100 bucks

23lf 16

Hell, I send ALL my money

That's a tough one my friend

I'd break up with the girlfriend! Jk but I hope she gets out of it soon!

OP, dating a minor is highly unethical and inappropriate.

He's 20 years old...unless you're talking about OP's sister or girlfriend but we don't know their ages.

how the hell do we know he's 20?

Cookiee04 15

are you sure you're not dating a 12 year old?

Even 12 year olds don't like Justin Beiber.

Even second graders don't like him.

Get a different haircut and maybe she will.

You deserve it for dating a little girl who has a crush on another girl. One can only assume you are all in middle school.

There are high school students who have a crush on Justin Bieber...

rosha267 21

I think Justin Beiber is pretty great. I'm a big fan

23lf 16

You're joking right?

praying to god that is sarcasm^^^

rosha267 21

One shouldn't be afraid to voice their opinions no matter how unpopular they might be

Sure, 20. This is the Internet. You have that right. Just don't expect anyone to support you or your opinions and kiss your ass. After all it's MY opinion that Beliebers are stupid. You have to respect that. No, I didn't think you were going to. Didn't expect you to. Didn't need you to.

he is great

Because your opinion matters on the Internet right?

Hiimhaileypotter 52

@35 The only thing Bieber is great at is being a complete dumbass.

rosha267 21

It's ok man you can feel how ever you want. I like Justin Bieber and you hate him. The world keeps on spinning.

I hope the world stops to let you off #73

23lf 16

If your gf is in at least high school, FYL, otherwise she's too young for you bro.

and how can you stand to be around someone who listens to that crap