By Anonymous - 22/10/2014 16:09 - Norway - Egersund

Today, my 17-year-old son managed to easily convince my 13-year-old daughter that if you have sex before getting married, you'll instantly get horrible diseases that will kill you. Her freaking out is how I found out she's not only gullible as hell, but sexually active as well. FML
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Just imagine that conversation between the two of them, the daughter crying until she's told.... I mean in a way serves her right. 13 is quite young. Sort of feel bad for op, knowing they couldn't do more to prevent it....

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Sounds like peer pressure to me...

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#63 so you want to use scare tactics and falsehoods to educate your children? Classy.

if it stops them from potentially becoming pregnant at such a young age, why not? I personally wouldnt do it, but who am I to judge?

not even pregnancy, but I don't know any 13 year old even remotely emotionally ready for something as big as sex. as the parent, I'm not sure why she would be this gullible or be having sex in the first place.

It's a little classier than giving it away at thirteen...

By law she isn't old enough to consent to sex and make an informed decision on it. So I think you need to be helping her and supporting her and finding out why she had sex and who with. 13 is very young - she might not even have started her period - please don't play along.

You recognised it!! :D :D But I can understand why it comes from the bottom of the ocean..

Ah, yes. Let's scare our children into repressing behaviors and feelings they naturally get (& obviously don't know how to control) while new hormones are gushing through their veins. Fear is definitely the best option.

Well at least she won't be sexually active anymore ...

Or at least get a good lecture in protection and the reasons to wait.

13? Though? Seriously? I used to joke that kids were ******* the second they hit teens. This is.... Wow. I'm actually shocked that 13 year old girls are out *******.

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My friend is a police officer in Buena Park and he caught two ten year olds having sex in a public park. Yes, TEN year olds.

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Omg!!! That's insane! I didn't think kids that young had "working parts!" Time to start homeschooling!

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Early bloomers usually start at 10/11.

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Holy Jesus, I didn't even know the basics at 10 years old!

That's really ****** up, #49! Kids these days. Ugh!

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If I wouldn't be for your picture, I'd assume you were 12. Puberty starts from 9 all the way up till your 18.

I'm 17 and not only am I still a virgin, I've never had my first kiss... :l I must be doing something wrong

I know the feeling #135, I'm in the same situation. I feel like within 3 years younger than us (depending on location, of course) everyone became wh*res; we're one of the last half-classy classes.

I'm 14 and every time I hear a story like this one I learn a new way to commit suicide on the Internet. Enjoy my comment as it brightens your day.

Looks like she has some explaining to do

I don't if it's a FYL or a YDI! It's an FYL cuz the daughter is only 13! But it's a YDI as well cuz you raised her!

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You do realize that at a certain age children become their own person despite how they were raised.

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Well, #73, they start changing at around 13 if anything.

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Not the generation, just some of it's members.

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I am doing quite well actually. ^°^

the most recent generation is the most educated and has the least amounts of teen pregnancy. it's not failing you're just a short sighted ass.

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Besides every generation has its screw-ups. I just choose to excel, work hard in life, and encourage others to do the same.

#48 I question "the least amount of teen pregnancy." Are you counting 18-19 year olds in this? Abortions against births? I find it very hard to believe that of the about 50 male students I coach in rugby having at least 15, that I know of, being fathers, and another 9 that should have been fathers before abortion that the number has somehow gone down. When I was in highschool on a 70 man football team and 30 man baseball team only 2 guys had kids and only another 3 would have had kids if the moms didn't have abortions. Maybe I'm coaching the "crazy" cross section but I'm wondering where these numbers come from.

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The least in teen pregnancy is one thing, but that doesn't mean that the younger generation hasn't started earlier and has easier access to adult content. Also, I'm sure that Plan B being widely available has a part in the teen pregnancy rates. It sucks people are blaming the parents. They can't watch everything the kids do and the kids may not care/ or under stand the potential consequences. Kids now are more aware of tech and may have an easier time hiding somethings.

55-- The U.S. Health and Human Services Department reported in September that pregnancy and abortion rates for teenagers have dropped over 10% in the past two years and have been declining steadily over the past 20 years. In a May article, the LA Times cited an independent study reporting similar drops. I teach high school and I also have known several pregnant teens over the years, so the numbers surprise me, too, but there does seem to be a trend.

Well my paranoid side says the numbers are being manipulated. It makes no sense that a middle class suburban highschools pregnancy rates would over quadruple in the 10+ years since I graduated to now. And somehow that's just an isolated raise. But who knows? Maybe with all the new agencies and laws the numbers aren't exactly doctored as much as they are "true" to an exact letter definition.

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You also have to factor in that teen pregnancy is more acceptable (and thus visible) than it was in prior generations, where if your teen daughter got pregnant it was covered up.

No he's not. There are a lot of STI's mug untreated can be fatal in a matter of weeks.

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You're right. STIs just run a check to see if you're married every time you have sex.

Sexually active at THIRTEEN?! When I was that age I still hadn't kissed a boy!

I'm 18, and I haven't kissed a boy..... which is pretty good since I'm a straight male.

I think we all know why you haven't kissed a boy...

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Yes we all do know because he said he's a straight male

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#47 - there's nothing wrong with that :)

I'm 19 and still haven't had a girlfriend. I don't mind though, I'd rather wait for the right girl than commit to a relationship that's bound to fail just for the sake of being in a relationship.

#47 & #54: Exactly, nothing wrong with that. I was 21 before I kissed a girl or even had a girlfriend. And I turned out just fine.

I did kiss a boy when I was thirteen but wasn't sexually active until I was seventeen. And for the people saying that it is imperative that teenage sex leeds to teenage pregnancy: I had my first kid at 28. You just need to know how to use protection and be slightly paranoid about safety.

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I'm 16 and I haven't even ever held a guys hand. It's okay, I'm Indian. My parents will find me a nice man in exchange for cattle.

As a 26 year old... I lost my virginity at 13. I turned out fine, no STDs, no pregnancies. Totally normal attitude towards sex and relationships. I think it's completely circumstantial.

Well maybe you should talk to her about safety in regards to sex. If she will continue to be active, she should at least know about precautions she can take. Based on her reaction, she is not fully informed.

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You don't think she's a bit too young to continue having sex?

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Of course she is but what's worse, having sex at 13, or having unprotected sex and ending up pregnant at 13?

After reading the whole FML I don't believe what your son did was wrong!

Yea, maybe if he convinced her earlier though then she wouldn't be sexually active..

Your son should be a politician or a lawyer