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By Anonymous - 18/07/2011 20:21 - Netherlands

Today, my boyfriend wanted me to meet the girl he has been cheating on me with. He thinks it makes the cheating more understandable if I see how 'hot' she is. FML
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renaee 13

You mean ex, right? She means ex, right?

littlemissFYL 5

your boyfriend was hoping for either: A.) a threesome or B.) a cat fight that would seemingly lead you two out of your clothing


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littlemissFYL 5

your boyfriend was hoping for either: A.) a threesome or B.) a cat fight which would seemingly lead you two out of your clothes

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littlemissFYL 5

your boyfriend was hoping for either: A.) a threesome or B.) a cat fight that would seemingly lead you two out of your clothing

which is very unfortunate because guys like this give us a bad name when some of us would never even cheat in the first place.

I'm thinking he was hoping for B then A

littlemissFYL 5
MrFlintstone 5

23 or a cat fight leading to a threesome

Or he was hoping OP would understand why he cheated and it would be okay, but that's the boring version, so I like yours better.

TheRealHouse 7

oooorr.. he's just a blithering IDIOT!!

I hope you dump him for cheating on you bc he doesn't deserve you

so sleep with some hot guy and do the same to him then dump his ass. revenge is imminent.

I am voting on C all of da above To 23 btw 8-)

lbumbblebee 5

144, nah Op should sleep with the 'hot' girl and steal her from her bf ;)

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I feel dumb for askin this,since I'm new n all I just wanted to ask what does "OP" mean?

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I bet she was hotter

Osito2011 9

I hope she was hot and I'm pulling for 172 plan of attack

214 said Optimus prime and 217 had bumble bee in their name

GuessWhatKids 13

172, You forgot the part where OP films it and posts the video on multiple **** sites.

bamagrl410 31

I see what you did there...

rein 8

you should have brought him to the toilet. it'll make him understand better when you whack the shit out of him.

I like how the correction comment got more thumbs up than the original comment xD

293, in some cases I think it's because the comment actually then makes sense with the correction, but in this case, idk cause you would have to be pretty dumb to not guess what was trying to be said.

you shouldn't call him "boyfriend" anymore

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ryanebk 7

just go home. thanks for coming out tho! ydi.

renaee 13

You mean ex, right? She means ex, right?

Yes, I hope she means ex! OP you should dump his cheating ass! I'm sorry that happened to you:( FYL

she better dump his ass! he didn't even say sorry! she should def dump him :)

yea, because if he said sorry it would all be better..

wait wait. you're saying that she should dump him cause he's showing her who he truly is. she should dump his ass for cheating not because he is honest and truthful. at least he has the balls to be who he is

it would be a start to say sorry but that guy doesn't feel sorry for cheating, so she should dump his ass :)

191- I agree. 192- your saying it take balls to cheat? haha wtf

192, you'd probably do what OP's soon-to-be ex-boyfriend did without batting an eye, you dumb ****.

Taurusbaybe 8

192 - Cheating doesn't equal "honest and truthful".

192 I hate people like you. go **** yourself

maz255 10

sometimes i dress up like batman and throw plastic army men toys at random strangers screaming to infinity and beyond... thanks for reading this *waits for thumbs down*

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warlockplayer19 5

218 he means that it takes balls to admit that he is cheating on her

he didnt say anything about admiting he said "be who he is" which is a cheater.

@269 either that or lack of common sense. where the hell did this idea of "if i admit i'm cheating it's not cheating" come from? even TV have allways made fun of that one... seriously are humans generally that stupid?

if he was honest, he wouldnt have cheated in the first place. he was just confessing in hopes op would be a sucker with the same logic as you and stay with him. Cheating is cheating. Life is too short to spend it with cheating assholes who arent worthy of our time.

BumbleChick 18

She's just as dumb because she still with the guy

The guy is a heartless asshole. Perfect example of why I'm loosing faith in my gender.

Losing faith in your gender? You honestly think that just because there's FMLs about guys cheating, that there's all there is? So what about the majority of girls who are dating truthful and good guys. Are they supposed to make FMLs saying "I just found out my boyfriend is incredible and faithful. FML." You'd see a hell of a lot of them if they did.

I'm losing faith in guys my age. But I'm hoping they'll grow out of it. I haven't had many relationships where I haven't dumped them because they cheated on me. I hope it's just their age. But I am loosing faith too. Sex is so casual now a days. I've been asked by so many guys to just have sex, and they don't want a relationship. And because I don't give out to guys I have only been together for a few months they cheat. I'm not changing my morals, and I think sex is way too casual. It is making me loose faith not only in guys, but girls too.

Yeah it seems like that throughout High School. But most of them grow out of it. Keep your hopes up!

If you value yourself and your relationships, you'll eventually find people who feel the same.

itsgen 16

op you totally deserve it if you know ur bf is cheating why be with him still? obviously he doesn't love you. and it's obvious your a moron

girls don't make sense either, i mean, they say they want romantic, but when they get a romantic( i don't mean cliché corny crap, i mean spontaneous and gentleman-like) man, they call him a creeper. Like a date i had, where a girl said i was to weird and then left , because i opened doors for her and offered my jacket

152- Way to be a bitch about it an making OP feel even worse...

Not all girls are like that 154. Many girls would like being treated like that...and not all guys are cheating assholes either, to the people saying they were *losing faith in that gender. It just depends on an individual's morals.

itsgen 16

would you be with a guy who's cheating on you and acting casual about it?

154 is right. unless you cheat and you're a complete asshole to girls that end up cheating on you or leaving you because when you're a gentleman on a first date they think you're a freak or something. honestly I would bet a 100 bucks that she is still with him because 99% of girls love to get treated like shit and the guys who would treat them right get ****** over because they call them creepers and all the other girls think that from then on. I say girls deserve it. it's what they want so they can have drama in their life.

Enough with the gender wars. There is nothing wrong with this generation's women or men. There is also nothing wrong with wanting to have a little fun; having sex with someone without pursuing a long-term relationship with them does not make you-or anyone else-a depraved, heathen ****. There are plenty of men and women alike who enjoy one-night stands, and others who would rather be intimate with that one special person. Some people may switch between the two, even. The point is- just because some people don't identify with your moral standards, that doesn't mean there aren't people out there who do, and it certainly doesn't mean those who don't follow your morals are bad people. Losing hope in men because they're interested in sex is, to put it frankly, pathetic and misandrist. As I said before, there are men and women out there who like sex and find it to be a great recreational activity to be done with whomever they see fit, and there are some men and women out there who find it to be an incredibly intimate, special act only to be performed between two committed people. There is nothing wrong with either! It is so ineffably silly to lose hope in men because they are refusing to adhere to your very archaic, narrow-minded moral ideals. Stop complaining and waiting around for the perfect man to sweep you off your feet and go get your hands dirty; don't expect the men to do all the work.

IHeartJimi02 0

206, I agree with you completely. it has nothing to do with the generation or gender. There are both men and women out there that cheat and treat their significant others like crap. Some people are just bad people. People tend to make generalizations and many people expect a relationship out of a fairytale or a movie which won't happen. The right person will come around. People just need to actually look for them instead of waiting for the person to just find them.

IHeartJimi02 0

94, you're 16. A lot (not all) guys your age are just starting to have sex so that's all they want. Most of them will grow up and want a real relationship. Don't lose faith in either gender

tzuriel11 9

i agree many girls for some weird reason like to be treated that way but not 99%!

#206, I find myself agreeing with most of your comment, but I also find it difficult to reconcile the fact that you say there is "nothing wrong" with either view (regarding the value placed on sex), with the fact that in the next breath you describe one of those ideals as being "very archaic" and "narrow-minded".

#254, allow me to clarify: there is nothing wrong, archaic, or narrow-minded in believing that sex is an intimate act to be performed between two people. But it IS narrow-minded to say that anyone who doesn't agree with that view is wrong or that you are "losing hope" in the people who don't adhere to the same morals that you do. I'm sorry if my comment was confusing; I was addressing #94 and her obvious disgust with men who like 'casual sex'. That's not cool.

I'm not disgusted by casual sex. If I can make that clear. I'm disgusted by the BOYS my age who think that sex is everything and the groups of people who look down upon me because I do want to wait for at least a year before giving myself up to someone. If full grown men want to go and have sex that's their decision, and I'm sure they don't treat women who save themselves for a bit as horribly as I've been treated. Yes, I'm loosing faith in the boys my age, and the girls because they help the boys be like it. But like I said at the beginning, I hope they grow out of it. Adults who choose to have casual sex can choose to do so. I don't think 13-16 year olds should be engaging in casual sex. Sorry if people don't agree and I'm sorry for causing such a debate.

Wtf i never said that sentence Ive concluded this:Shut up.. I said @itsgen Its obvious you are a bitch

nonono. u never kick someone there. not cool.

lbumbblebee 5

unless it's ops cheating asshole boyfriend

Then its where he sues her and then she wont have a bf or money

JuggaletteKlown 0

she can claim momentary insanity because of the situation he put her in.

iEatGuppies 0

why would you sue someone for kicking you in the balls if you deserve it?

he must have some pretty big balls if he did that!

128 he can sue, OP would be charged with assaultg

if op can't have babies with him, then nobody can!

hey, plead temporary insanity... it gets murderers off in America, so a person charged with assault in a situation like this is guaranteed to walk away....

I think a cheating bastard who attempts to justify it by showing his girlfriend how hot the other girl is certainly deserves to be kicked in the nuts. Multiple times, actually. I usually don't advocate for kicking guys there, but some really do deserve it.

stupid americans sue over everything. oh no my boyfriend cheated on me! ill sue him!

A7X_LoVeee 10
WallyTheWombat 0

Freaking american haters acting all uptight like they are better than us. Get the stick outta your butt, reread the comments, then try again.

iEatGuppies 0

I know but why would you when it's clearly obvious you had it coming.

iEatGuppies 0

1. they're talking about the boyfriend pressing charges on the girl if she kicked him in the balls. 2. if you were ever cheated on, you wouldn't be "oh rats!" 3. stupid americans? don't get me started on canadians.

a guy only deserves ball kicking in the situation of rape or murder. past or present. this might call for a good stabbing though.

I'm going to imagine it didn't make it better.

hoodasswhitekid 0

he was probably trying to get a threesome

ooooooo ooooooooooo ooooooooooo ooooooooooo ooooooo ooo ooo oo

Crncj 0

op probably didn't, the boyfriend might have..

MrSexyPants 14

What is 42 supposed to be? South America??

gTOtheT 7

I would definitely dump his sorry butt.

OceanBreathesSal 5

sorry butt? i don't think his butt is all that "sorry"

gTOtheT 7

ok then dump his cheating ass

30, 73 - kick his cheating balls. better for you guys?

then sue her over rated ass. You don't kick someone there even if they cheat, just go on with your life.

JuggaletteKlown 0

again with the sueing. has everyone forgot how to claim momentary insanity?

104 what exactly do you know about this..and if she kicks him he's not gonna ******* sue her? I've seen a couple of you're comments saying he's gonna sue her If she kicks his cheating balls but that's not gonna happen

104 is more then likely one of those people that goes around looking for anything and everything to sue someone over cause they don't want to work so they try and take money from people that have actually worked for it. only someone like that would say sue. it's people like them that make this world suck

OceanBreathesSal 5

112- are you one of those people who sue for spilling coffee on themselves?

OceanBreathesSal 5

shit I looked at the wrong number. 104 I mean.

fthku 13

More like 104 is not of those people who go on about kicking guys in the balls, thinking it doesn't do much more than pain. I can *somewhat* understand girls not being fully aware of it, but guys? You should be aware of the severe damage that can happen as a result of a kick in the balls. SEVERE, severe damage. If a girl cheats, you wouldn't say "you should beat her to a pulp" or anything, would you? In either case, the mature thing to do is just move on. Anyway, forget the fact OP's boyfriend is a cheating douche, how ******* dumb is he? I mean, seriously.