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By Anonymous - 08/10/2011 13:04 - United States

Today, the girl my boyfriend cheated on me with posted pics of them kissing on Facebook, and tagged me in them. FML
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Take a picture of dog being ****** and tag her in it. Or a piece of shit b

I think some of you are missing something it said cheated as in past tense OP is no longer dating but the other chick tagged OPs ex and herself kissing (I assume they are now a couple) but also tagged OP just for the sake of bitchyness it still sucks though fyl

Soooooo, why the hell are you still connected with that cheating bastard?

59, cheated could mean 1 minute ago, 1 day ago or 1 year ago. Unless OP was writing the FML whilst the boyfriend was CHEATING on her, you would use cheated, as it is the past we are referring to. Please feel free to further study the English language.

I still disagree usually when people are in a relationship and one person cheats they say "that my boyfriend is/has been cheating on me with"

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73- "has been" is past tense and I would think someone would either say "John was cheating on me so..." or "John cheated on me..." which are both past tense. If someone said "John is cheating on me..." then that would indicate they know of the cheating and are okay with continuing the relationship.

My gf told me to do this so she can get over me -___-

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you should have posten a picture of an eaten salad, tagged her in it with a caption that read: "i just finished my salad. you want those leftovers, too?"

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73- but they wouldn't say that if he no longer was cheating on her.

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Don't you mean what an asshole, he was the one who cheated.

The asshole cheated on her with a *****.

Take a picture of you banging her mom and tag her in it...

why were you het friend on Facebook? I thought only friends could tag you?

126 maybe she was friends with her before on fb and she didn't bother to unfriend her or was to slow

That's when you drop a comment "yep, how does my pussy taste?" ZING

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1) why doesn't that say ex-boyfriend. 2) why are you friends on facebook with the girl that he cheated on you with? (you have to be friends on Facebook to tag them in your pictures.)

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Sodomizing her with knives seems like a reasonable punishment

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You don't have to be friends to tag someone, their page just has to be public. My brother wouldn't add me so I used to tag him in every picture I posted.

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This comment might get modded, but I'm going to go ahead and say some women really just need to get hit...hard.

183: 1) It doesn't say ex-boyfriend because that would defeat the purpose of the FML, unless she was still in love with the ex. But in this case, he was her boyfriend before she saw the pics. 2) Lots of people (especially in high school) add people from they're acquainted with even though they might not hang out.

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shes not a *****, the guys a asshole for having a girlfriend and choosing to do things with another girl that he shouldn't, so that makes him a cheating asshole, the other girl is only a asshole because she tagged the op in the Facebook pictures of them caking

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Hahahha thats exactly what id say but it might not be so in her case :/

Haha your comment is comments 1 & 2 mixed together.

Hahaha your comment is comments 1 & 2 combined.

Pretty sure I posted my reply to the third comment...thought it was a glitch that it didn't post which is why i reposted. Oops?

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You deserved it for checking her profile, oh yeah and having a Facebook lol. FYL

She was tagged in them she didn't check her profile ? However I agree with the Facebook part I hate Facebook.

I'm curious why you're friends with her on FB if your boyfriend cheated on you with her. If it were me, she would be deleted and blocked. YDI for staying "friends" with her, therefore allowing yourself to be put in this predicament.

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You have to be friends with them to be tagged.. So.

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You don't actually have to be friends with people to tag them.

Yes this is true. Don't have to be friends anymore to be tagged. Her bf should be dumped and the ***** is just a *****.

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You have to be friends with the person who tagged you..

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This could be read two ways: One of them being that OP knew about the cheating and kept the other girl on facebook. The other way (that I read it) was that OP found out about the cheating through the tagging. If you don't know your boyfriend is cheating on you, there'd be no reason to remove the girl from her friends list. I'm not sure which is worse, the fact that OP had a fb "friend" that would be this malicious, or that OP's now-ex was stupid enough to let someone take pictures of him cheat.

57 it is not the second option You can read my reply on 1s comment or you could closely reread the post

They could have been friends before her boyfriend cheated. Although it was possible that she should've seen this coming.

If that was true, she would have included that in the fml.

You've got a point there, #5. Possibly she's still friends with her as a way to check up on the ex or about what either of them are saying about her, etc. That kind of game is only going to make her miserable...time for her to wash her hands and move on.

Iknoweverything 29

To both 61, and 171... a common occurrence on this website is people leaving out information, or not explaining what they mean down to the detail. Part of it is due to the fact that posts are limited to 300 characters, and part of it is because sometimes people don't feel the need to be specific. Or have you never miscommunicated anything before? And 61... do you really think I'm going to scroll around and look at your first comment? That's an incredibly stupid suggestion. Some of us have better things to do than search around for people's comments. If you want me to read it, copy/paste like the rest of us, and hope I'm bored enough to check back on this topic. (Improbable that I will, but you never know.)

Iknoweverything 29

Ooops, double commented... sorry!

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I don't think she knew because she said boyfriend not ex boyfriend. So there'd be no reason for her not to be friends with her

maybe she kept her to spy on her? so maybe OP is a stalker.

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Ever seen the "my new ****** haircut" video? All I'm picturing is the guy looking at the pic poster and saying "****** *****... ****** *****, you ****** *****... Not now chief I'm in the zone. ... ****** *****..."


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Not a *****, just a bitch, good for you for weeding out one more cheating asshole (ex bf) from your life though, on to the next one and try again!

I kinda get the impression that she's staying with him and that he's not an ex.

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On to the next cheating asshole?

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This is why I hate girls. There's a select few who are actually worth being friends with, but the rest, bitchesssss. I'm sorry op, let the ***** have your leftovers

I agree! That's the reason why most of my close friends are guys. None of my guy friends have ever stabbed me in the back or bitched about me, while I can't say the same for a few girls who claimed to be my 'friend'. But hey, you live and you learn. I choose my friends wisely now.

Pssh, I'm sorry to break the news to you two, but although that girl is one true bitch, she isn't the one who cheated, is she? If there is anybody who you should hate, it's the boyfriend. He decided to get in a monogamous relationship with OP, he decided to cheat on her with a cruel girl and he gave that girl the opportunity to make pictures that evidentally could end on Facebook.

Oh yeah, I'm not saying the guy is without blame, OP is better off without him, but what the other girl did was cruel and a very nasty, bitchy thing to do.

Although, I've noticed that OP has used the word 'boyfriend' and not 'ex', which I assume means they're still in a relationship. In that case, OP is an idiot for staying with him.

Bet the people in this FML are quite young. The teenage years seem to be the height of dickish arseholism in both sexes.

58, I noticed that too. The sad thing is, I've seen a few cases similar to these and the girl ends up staying with the cheater for the simple fact that she doesn't want to give the other girl the satisfaction of knowing she was the one that caused their breakup. In the end, she still looks foolish.

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Well if OP said ex-boyfriend, I would think they've been broken up for a while before this, and this wouldn't be as bad.

She knew the OP, and thus was clearly aware she's being a bitch. You derp much?

Cheaters like to get you to blame the other girl instead of him...this way he can string you both along, or at least keep both girls as an option.

What a vindictive little bitch! Delete and block.