By Sara246 - 19/08/2010 23:11 - Canada

Today, I found out that my boyfriend has been cheating on me. When I confronted him about it, he asked which girl I'd found out about. FML
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sbu_002 0

rip his dick off and throw it in the river

Shadow_Phantom 26

Adding insult to injury... FYL.


Shadow_Phantom 26

Adding insult to injury... FYL.

yasmeenjonasx3 0

haha that blows like all those other girls did

well, did you answer his question atleast?

sbu_002 0

rip his dick off and throw it in the river

agreed;) do it girl!

Hmmm Overkill? Maybe? Yes? No? *Sigh* I'll just go sit back in the corner

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EvilCupcake8361 9

your tattoos are beautiful! :D

If you dont wanna be cheated on then go wit a guy who doesnt have the option to

ucofresh 4

LAS, why even type something so blatantly ignorant? Sheesh... people and their lack of a life on fml.

lovemysnubber 0

la does suck btw :) stupid traffic stupid people stupid smog stupid damn prices....

lol this means date the uqlyy one !

Its not ignorant, actually common sense. If somebody can do better they will. Calling things ignorant because they don't sound nice, may not be ignorant but talkin out of your ass

threer 30

If you can do better, actually dump your partner rather than being a fucking bitch about it and cheating.

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farting vaginas

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kick his ass

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thats horrible. i hope you dumped him OP

I hate it when people put some stupid random comment like farting vaginas. Stop being so damn rude people.