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Today, I was at a restaurant with my son when he started to choke on his food. Panicked, I grabbed the closest drink I could reach and made him gulp it down. Only when I received tons of dirty looks from people at other tables did I realize I had given him beer. My son is 8. FML
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I say let the little bastard drink.

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When someones choking you make them drink?


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I say let the little bastard drink.


start em young they'll burn out by college.

^i don't usually say this but your DP clearly shows it

I don't blame you for panicking like that. Hope you didn't get iin trouble, FYL:(

reminds me of the story of the toddler at applebees accidentally being served a margarita..

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They were only mad because OP started chanting " Chug, Chug, Chug".

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Ha i had my first beer at 6... it was in my back yard and my dad was all " try this soda" it was Sam Adams

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lol I beat cha I was 5 stole red wine off the table for thanksgiving :3

Does anyone else here realize drinking won't stop choking...

My god you people are stupid. He wouldn't die since he wasn't choking.

You guys seriously don't know anything about human anatomy do you?

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Wow, my first first comment! And it wasn't buried by negativity! (To my fellow grammar Nazis: I know I shouldn't start a sentence with "and" but I'm feeling like being a bit lazy.)

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148-He probably inhaled while eating which caused the food to go down the wrong pipe. It's not choking but many people call it that. Drinking stops the person's coughing a little bit.

I dont get why Americans have such a serious and cynical view on alcohol. so what if he had.. BEER?!?! did he get drunk? did he get poisoned? well why care then? where I am kids taste their first alcohol by the age of about 8 anyway, I can't actually remember a time when I've never tried it. kids who are 15 and have never been drunk once are rare, although because our view is so relaxxed it takes the whole 'not-supposed-to-have-it' factor out of it and so people don't go wild and people drink it in moderation and with care. I'm 16 and have only been slightly drunk once, it was more borderline tipsy, but even that's unusual. i also don't even know any alcoholics either. but anyway, I just find the whole American strict view of alcohol a bit stupid and alcohol a bit overrated. it's fine for all ages as long as risks are known and cautions are taken and it's drunk in moderation.

wow 184 that's awesome you feel that way! too bad op is actually from Canada, which incidentally isn't America...

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Tell us more. We are super interested.

#184 In the UK we are pretty much right behind America for being strict about alcohol. We are also right behind America for alcohol related crime.. So you may want to get your facts straight before bitching about another country and, as others have said, get the right country.. My upbringing was pretty relaxed with alcohol and I don't drink. As a nation we are just as strict as America but with a lower drinking age..

we really aren't.. that's why we have a lower drinking age

Maybe not where you live.. Actually I know that's not the case where you live! Around the civilised areas of the UK people don't generally let their kids drink. I don't know a single person who was allowed to drink as a child or that allows their child to drink.

I go to a private all girls school which costs 9 grand a year, and I own a yacht and 2 holiday homes.. I think I do come from a civilised area..

Just because you have a rich family doesn't make the rest of Birmingham civilized.. Also I smell BS, either that or you are just a totally stuck up bitch..

You are 16 years old. You don't own shit. Everything belongs to your parents.

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Smellymellyy, you're just a stuck up bitch. Do you think anyone on here is impressed about your "yacht" or your "holiday homes?" sorry to burst your bubble, but nobody gives a ****.

Ummm I go to a school that costs 70,000 a year (Lawrenceville) and my dad owns a plane a Bentley a Lamborghini and a Porsche we have a mansion in Newburgh and we own 42 pharmacies and 100 oil rigs we also own 7 pharmaceutical companies and I only wear suits that are a 1,000 bucks or more. STOP BRAGGING

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In Soviet Russia, mothers produce vodka from breasts.

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26 looking at your picture gives me a sexual thrill

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Never did it say that Op was an alcoholic. when people panic they do stupid things.

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When someones choking you make them drink?

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as a lifeguard ur noy suppost to make then drink anything cuz it will make the objet expand and ur not suppost to pat them on the back it backs it will make it wost just do the j- thrust

123- English motherf****er! Do you speak it?!

He said you shouldn't do that nor pat him on the back but do the j-thrust. Happy?

whatever happened to the heinlick...?

The kid probably had food stuck in his oesophagus NOT his windpipe.. If this is the case he wasn't choking but may have looked like he was and it can be just as scary. If he was choking a drink would do nothing, he would not necessarily need abdominal thrusts though.

Do the heimlich manoeuvre goddamnit! And to you who said it's stupid to pat someone on the back: it's not, it's the first step and if that doesn't work you use the heimlich

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#256 patting them on the back makes it worse, it actually pushes the food forward causing the person to choke for an extended period of time.

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I mean really who gives dirty looks to somone who just savedtheir sons life it's not like they are not going to panick and start start drinking different thibgs to see what to give to her son in other words the people around OP are idiots

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wow...thats alot of spelling errors...

Blackmail111 9

who gives a shit about spelling.. it's the Internet not school

thank you smellymelly :D I don't mind people who spell stuff wrong.. !!

haha neither do I, as long as they dnt tlk lyk dis all da tym then I don't mind :)

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He wasn't choking if he could swallow liquid. As long as he was coughing, he was fine.

Umm, no. Coughing when something stuck in the troath unables u to breath. Ergo, even if coughing, still choking.

As any lifeguard or individual in the career of saving lives can tell you, if someone is making noises, ie: coughing, weezing, speaking faintly, yelling **** constantly ect. they are not considered to be choking.

If the choking person is making noises from mouth, it usually means the person is still breathing. First Aid Solution: Let the person cough it out. Do not let choking person ingest anything. Do not let anyone touch choking person.

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yeah I'm a lifeguard, and in our CPR/First Aid training, we were actively taught that if a victim is choking and coughing, let them cough until (a) they cough it up, or (b) they can no longer cough or breathe, THEN do something about it, like chest blows!

I train flight attendant first aid and I concur with all of this. If they are still making noise, they can still get it out themselves. Forcing someone to ingest anything else is the wrong move.

Just because someone is breathing, does not mean they are not choking.

no joke right now. if you drink a coke. like cococola. the acidity of the coke helps break down the food.

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No joke right now. That's a load of bullshit. even if it was true, the food wouldn't break down fast enough to help somebody who's choking.

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You're one of those people who think a soda is called a coke. A Coke is a Coca-cola, a soda is the generic name for all of them. You guys sound dumb asking, 'I would love a coke, make is a Sprite."

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you guys are all retarded, (1) people call coca-coals cokes cause it's shorter, get over it (2) COKE is one of the most acidic drinks out there I don't remember the % but I do know it's higher than most and this guy is right it would break down the food but yeah it would take a while (3) watch as my comment gets thumbed down like crazy :P (4) ps there's nothing wrong with calling sodas cokes

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LMAO at 119! i can imagine sumone doing that "can i get a coke, make it a sprite" haha >.

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119- Right. Because I bet you are perfect and have never sneezed and asked for a "Kleenex." Or asked your friends if they wanted to play "Frisbee," cleaned your ears with a "Q Tip," or applied "Chap Stick." They are colloquialisms. Get a grip.

People use 'coke' instead of 'cola' a lot.. Coke is coke, cola can be Pepsi, Coke or another brand. I hate going somewhere, asking for a coke and getting 'Is Pepsi OK?' No damn it.. I want a COKE!!

I think sprite migjt be made by the coca cola company.

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you acted out of panic so you didn't realize it was the logical thing to do no need to get all FML on it

Lexi_Ray 5

there's suppose to be a comma between realize and it >_< punctuation is a strong rule

I'm disappointed if that's the only error you spotted.

Lexi_Ray 5

it's the Internet give me a break D:

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Let's eat, grandpa. Let's eat grandpa.

I agree that there should've been a comma, but not after realize.

Freeze, if I didn't love you already I sure do now.

omg...people, let's act smart and not correct everyone's grammatical issues. It is FML, not you have nothing better to do?

I am sorry but I can't believe you are 16

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I had to help my Uncle Jack off a horse. I had to help my uncle jack off a horse.

This is a good way to show how punctuation is important, albeit slightly comical.

u should shut up and go bitch at other people. if u havent noticed, there are things dumber than this on FML.

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173- it could. That is a correct way to say it

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would they rather have a dead kid or a drunk one? geez people these days..

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I just wanted to write the same thing... better giving a 8yr old boy some beer and he is not choking to death than waiting a minute too long (til water arrives)..and OP wrote she panicked!!! Hello? Her son couldn't breathe anymore - I'd say many of these onlookers wouldn't have checked as well what kind of drink you'd give to the child! (besides it could have been worse OP: it could have been harder stuff)

well if he couldn't breathe he wouldn't be ae go drink the liquid. in the event of choking and not breathing I think the heimlich would have been a good way to go...

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92- your picture makes me laugh! why is there a big, confused looking head in the middle of a waterfall? XD

I agree, 94. By the way if I don't look at the close up pic of you, you kind of look like Spencer from pretty little liars.

Hey, it could have been vodka. Shit, I bet that you would have run for your life than.