False pretenses

By Anonymous - 17/06/2009 17:15 - United States

Today, my friend told me that he was having a Scrabble tournament at his house with a bunch of our friends. I told my dad about the tournament and he gave me a special Scrabble dictionary to bring. Hesitantly, I brought the dictionary and as I walked in, everyone was playing beer pong. FML
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DreMaMa 0

Wow your dad sounds like a champ, having a "Special" scrabble dictionary. What a cool guy.

lmmmr 0

Scrabble sounds like more fun to me. Sorry, I mean, fuck yah brah!


nofrillz 0

yea that's what I call a tournament. who plays scrabble though. ?

dinosaursmoo 0

Old men in speedos play scrabble..

wallythedolly 0

scrabble is awesome!

im pretty sure a better one would be "Today, my friend invited me to a beer pong tournament so I spent all day practicing. However, when I got there everyone was playing scrabble, FML

bollywood_rocks 0

I do! That and Chess are staples during the holidays for my family and serves as a form of entertainment: we play in teams of three since there are 4 kids and 2 parents. It's fun!

scrabble rocks

XYZzzzzzzz 0

so.., шдs а gооd dаy тнеи...?

Scrabble > beer pong anyday

soundmind311 0

nice! and why is this an fml? just start playin and people will be too drunk to remember it anyway

DreMaMa 0

Wow your dad sounds like a champ, having a "Special" scrabble dictionary. What a cool guy.

bollywood_rocks 0

Is that sarcasm? My father has at least 3 scrabble dictionaries: Websters,Oxford and one called Chambers.

Tripodi 0

It is clearly sarcasm, because anyone who goes to someones house for a scrabble tournament might be a loser. Whereas beer pong is a real game that requires skill and tolerance.....plus its a lot more fun.

bollywood_rocks 0

skill and tolerance? drinking beer? Really now?! Scrabble ACTUALLY requires you to use your brain: make the words, anticipate your opponents move(just like in Chess;you do know what Chess is right?) and figure out the best way to play fewer words for maximum points. Then again, I'm guessing you have never seen a Scrabble board,can't tell how many tiles there are or even played a single game of scrabble or even won. My intelligence is clearly showing.

bollywood_rocks 0

*Your* intelligence not mine.

Haha chill dude... I personally like beer pong much more than scrabble... You have a much higher chance of getting laid by being good at beer pong than being good at scrabble! haha

man bollywood don know what da fuck hes talkin bout he wont ever get laid what a pussy man fag wit three scrabble dictionaries ha damn

bollywood_rocks 0

If you bothered,you'd know I was female if you went to my profile. I have a boyfriend already so don't need to get laid. Guess what his favourite board game is?

Well tbh, I know a lot of guys good at beer pong, and not so many good at scrabble. i'd be much more impressed with someone who could beat me at scrabble :P

bollywood_rocks 0

Oh and learn to make coherent sentences that are spelled correctly. There's another reason for playing scrabble: it gives you a chance to take a gander inside a dictionary.

StealthStorm67 0

And YOU will never get laid because you type like an illiterate retard. Believe me, I'm in the honors class (barely passing) and I've fucked like half the popular girls at my school. Then again, I dress rather dapper too, so the SWAG + Sense of Intelligence = Better chance of getting laid, as well as seeming like a sociable person, not like an over-confident ignorant fuck.

bollywood_rocks 0

I AM SO THERE! 4,000 you said?

Bob4545 0

Everyone knows if you're bragging about your sex life online, it means you've never been laid.

Kttttt 0

So theres only one popular girl at your school?

bollywood_rocks 0


Dressing like a rapper does not mean you have 'SWAG'. It just means that you are confused about your clothing size.

nanab10 0

he said dress rather dapper, not dress like a rapper.

159-If only I could be as cool as you my life would be alright

I love how everyone is raging at the guy giving the bollywood chick abuse, when quite frankly he has a decent point. how many of you would honestly be happy w all your friends knowing you prefer scrabble to beer pong? besides, bollywood girl needs to take her head out her ass and have a reality check. you're not better than any of us because you like chess and scrabble, so come down off your pedestal and mingle with us troglodytes. :)

SomeRussianGirl 3

I love Scrabble :D

lmmmr 0

Scrabble sounds like more fun to me. Sorry, I mean, fuck yah brah!

Why would he tell you that in the first place? But special Scrabble dictionary ftw.

so that people could go dumbass. my guess the OP is a teen and a scrabble party sounds more acceptable than beer pong.

ohhhhshizzz 0

Seriously, beer is really weak and everyone drinks it even though it smells and looks like pee. I like cocktails and daquiris. And vodka, and I'm not even a heavy drinker. Besides you can always smell the beer on someone.

Well, thank you for your kind explanation. I was kind of thinking "why wouldn't he just say they're hanging out?" and not "why would he choose a Scrabble party?"

Maybe they were underage and in front of parents at the time.

thats epic, u thought u weregonna have a fun time playin scrabble but now you will have a GREAT time playin beerpong.

alexgisforme3 0

maybe they were just waiting for you to get there

agreed... whats the point here?

Isnt it better that there playing beer pong instead of scrabble.......i agree with #2

A mild embarassment is a fuck my life now? You could have just put it down when you walked in...

or could have just said that it was a cover for his dad