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Today, I was going to take my boyfriend to Napa. It's my birthday and I wanted to do something big since last year my fiancée called off the wedding. My boyfriend just broke up with me because I'm "clearly not over" my ex. This makes two consecutive birthdays alone in romantic hotels I paid for. FML
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I think I agree with your boyfriend. Or ex-boyfriend, rather.

What's so romantic about an auto parts store?


Oh dear. Poor you! You should just realise what a douche he is, to treat u like that.

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You first posted 'FIRST' then saw that I had got there before you, so dont celebrate being second, little nublet. HAVE A NICE DAY NOW YALL. ^^

I think I agree with your boyfriend. Or ex-boyfriend, rather.

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he could be in the right...its hard to say. It was really dick for him to break up with you at that time, but do you talk about your ex all the time? If so its kind of a YDI. No guy (or girl) wants to hear how their bf/gf's ex was always an ass, etc. Some talk is fine, but you can over do it.

Right - here's the issue. If you're trying to do something big on your birthday because of something your ex did, well, it seems that you're either not over the ex, or at least what he did. Either way, it's a weird situation for your boyfriend; think about it. How would you feel if he wanted to take you someplace special on his birthday because his last gf ditched him on his birthday? It's weird. You're doing something nice with the person you like not because you want to do something nice, but because someone else did something mean to you. You say as much in the FML. And beyond that even - it's your birthday. Shouldn't he be taking you someplace nice? ...Clearly not over it, in my opinion. people have such strange, generalizing views sometimes. Before I met my husband he took his ex-girlfriend to Paris for New Year's...she ruined the trip by being a bitch. When I started dating him he told me that he took his ex to Paris the year prior and that she ruined the trip so he wanted to go again and take me. I didn't mind at all, because just her being involved in the Paris thing doesn't mean it was about her, it was about him having a good time and making memories with ME! That was 5 years ago and now we've been happily married for almost two. It is totally reasonable to want to have a good birthday with your S/O if the year before another S/O ruined it for you. It's basically like saying "I need good memories on my birthday so I don't remember my ex-fiance calling of the wedding for the rest of my life" It doesn't mean she's not over him. Someone calling off a wedding will still piss you off and hurt deep down years later, maybe even when you're already married to someone else.

YDI - obviously not over the ex. Can't even leave him out of your FML. You have problems

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How ******* rich are you? If you can afford 2 consecutive romantic hotel getaways, your life isn't ******. Get over it!

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Dude they were a year apart. I barely make any money at all and even I could afford that. L2Manage money, you hobo.

Agreed. It could go either way. From the fact that she wanted a good birthday BECAUSE her fiance dumped her, it does sound like she might not be over him.

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How do YOU know she was doing any of that? Don't assume what you clearly don't outright know. Also, lol at all these ~internet tough guys~ essentially implying she deserved to be alone on her birthday. How do any of you know she didn't spend months saving up for that trip? That she wasn't over her ex? That she is "attractive enough" to get two boyfriends in that period of time? I know it's the internet and the anonymity brings out the worst in us, but have a little compassion. She was dumped twice in two consecutive years on her birthday, the one day of the year people have all to themselves. Put yourself in her shoes and stop being dicks.

Damn, OP, you got the Napa Auto Parts jingle stuck in my head.

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If he had a brain, he would've gone on the vacation before dumping you...I say you're lucky because you got rid of a dumbass.

What's so romantic about an auto parts store?

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Napa is a city in california, Wine Country

meh it sucks but at least you're not stuck with a douchebag anymore

Good Job! It was HER birthday after all. Not his.

It seems to me the vacation was for YOU, not for him.

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That's the point you dumb shit, it says it was HER birthday