By rkbkate - United States - Phenix City
Today, my brother was playing with the pepper spray on my key chain. He didn't think it was real, so to test it he sprayed me in the mouth while I was asleep. FML
rkbkate tells us more :
This was my post thanks for all the comments guys Haha my brother has a rude awakening coming soon Haha and he is no longer able to touch my keys.
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  Cal45  |  1

#27, while the pepper extracts used in pepper spray are natural, additives such as UV die are in the final product and are not for consumption.

  Cal45  |  1

#85, the UV die is so the police can identify an attacker up to 48 hours after being sprayed using a black light. What you said makes absolutely no sense. Have you been drinking pepper spray by any chance? ;-)

  doubleea  |  3

100- I was referring to the UV side of the dye, I do know that it would not tan you, I was merely making a connection between this and the UV rays from the sun that tan and burn your skin, I made a fail at a pun.

And no, I know that shit burns, I did I course to join the 5-0. Not that silly. Haha

  BunchieRules  |  31

22 - OP could probably see, because s/he was sprayed in the mouth. But I agree that pepper spray would be a horrible way to wake up. OP, FYL. Your brother should have sprayed it in his own mouth if he wanted to "test" it, but he obviously didn't want to take the risk.

  license2chill  |  5

talking about that shit burns, as a pay back, OP should pepper spray the toliet papers before your brother takes a shit next time, and make you contain the damage yo your brother alone


I'm not so sure if that's better since all that stuff is connected it would definitely induce vomiting, convulsions, blurred vision, and disorientation so it's just about the same if not worse.

  CantusVulpis  |  12

My friend took some to school and said it was sour candy spray. So my other friend sprayed it towards the floor in front of me when she wasn't looking and then I started choking. It was definitely pepper spray.