By nicegirl08 - United States
Today, my boyfriend came to visit me for my birthday. Over dinner he handed me a blank card that had the words "I love you" hastily written on it. When the waiter came to take our order he informed him that we'd be paying separately. Happy Birthday. FML
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By  ThorsSon  |  0

I hope you got pissed and yelled at him. That way he will know where your priorities lie, and will be able to get out now before finding out, the hard way, that you are a gold digger.

By  jim_witness  |  0

Not really sure why this is a FML.
?? He didn't put any thought into your present - thoughtless.
?? He's paying separately - cheap.
?? Your mad because he only got you a card - shallow.

Don't get it.

By  sapphirebaby96  |  0

ouch. he definitely forgot about ur bday and didn't have time to run to the atm to get cash after buying some $.99 card. money doesn't matter, but you should be treated like a princess on ur freaking bday at least

  KitchKraft  |  21

Why is being expelled from your mothers vagina something so worth celebrating that this man is a disgusting douchebag for not spending money on her? Honestly, this needs a follow up. There's obviously more behind it and you're all making judgements that you really can't make about the situation with the given knowledge.