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  skizzlerz  |  0

23 and 131-you made my freaking day XD
61-not necessarily. You don't know what people believe. I'm not atheist, but if I was, what would be the point of a soul if I'm not going anywhere after I die? So they don't necessarily believe in souls. Just saying

  foxman47  |  3

It actually looks like it's time to buy some hair dye. If you pretend to be a Ginger then they won't try to steal your soul because they will think that you don't have one.

  flossybaben  |  0

is that supposed to be funny- I laugh at anything, I didn't laugh at that.

  JonaDona  |  2

nahhh...stealing souls?? the robbers must be gingers lol jk xD

By  Parazad  |  16

Must be a couple of ninjas....