By Anonymous - 18/07/2011 04:26 - United States

Today, my house got robbed. They left a note: "Next time, we steal your souls." FML
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TheRealBruce 12

well y'all better put them in a safe

man that's some scary shit, it's time to move


OP, looks like you are going to have to start creating horcruxs for backup

Doesn't seem to be an issue as long as they remember to take their souls with them when they go out.

Hellraiser: Breaking and Entering. OP, if you find a puzzle box, LEAVE IT BE! Not worth the hassle bro, believe me.

rein 8

they are dementors, duh. you are lucky they didn't kiss you.

it's actually not disturbing. why? it sounds like they were trying to make an EpicMealTime reference. sounds like they trolled you.!

Symmetry88 0

8 haha! FML reference :D

agasshi_fml 0

12- WIN!

Did they leave a return address?

I favorited this

lol ****** awezome

Tell them you guys are Gingers.

XxToriLovexX 0

Sounds like an EpicMealTime reference lol. usually it's,"Next time, we eat (put random thing here)." they just changed "eat". Faving this :)

I hope you're all gingers!

sounds like something the epic mealtime time would say.

haha 41 that's what I was thinking. Next time, we eat SOULS!

You are right that is so disturbing on so many levels.

a new reason to be a ginget

it's like you got robbed by a cult WTF o_o

changetheworld 0

Hahahaha. That's hilarious. Damn.

no u people are dumb only u can get rid of you soul


it's not disturbing. does no one realize the epic meal time reference?

tacocannon99 5

robbed by the flyin dutchman!!

im sorry, but thats to funny and anyways, it was prob some emo kids form of a joke

connorbecool 0

that actually made me laugh out loud!

looks like she has some fingers on her hands

kaykay9080 5

They obviously were new gingers.

xmayne 0

your house was burglarized not robbed

amag97 0

It's either that, or someone is a fan of EpicMealTime!

doggedfang 5

They mean't it too didn't they.

thebigd44 0

your picture is really ****** up.

OP was robbed by musclesglasses

Whoever did it is awesome. I wouldn't even be mad after that.

man that's some scary shit, it's time to move

that's when you make a horcrux

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha, you should leave a note in the exact same place stating, "good thing I'm a atheist"...

reply to the note : next time I call the cops

Dude you still have a soul if you're atheist.

not if he is a ginger

Hey morons, you can't reply to the note. And this main commenter looks about 30 not 16 as she claims.

^Nah she looks about 25 not sixteen. I think it's because she's got major wrinkles.:S

MizzErikaHart 8

I can she's 16 by the way her make up turned out...

Hide yo' kids, Hide yo' wife!

skizzlerz 0

23 and 131-you made my freaking day XD 61-not necessarily. You don't know what people believe. I'm not atheist, but if I was, what would be the point of a soul if I'm not going anywhere after I die? So they don't necessarily believe in souls. Just saying

iEatGuppies 0

by your picture it looks like you have no soul...

The Gingers are back....

It actually looks like it's time to buy some hair dye. If you pretend to be a Ginger then they won't try to steal your soul because they will think that you don't have one.

iEatDinosaurs14 0

whats being a Ginger got to do with any thing?. lmao

@314 It's a South Park reference

TheRealBruce 12

well y'all better put them in a safe

is that supposed to be funny- I laugh at anything, I didn't laugh at that.

tsume24 3

I did.

Symmetry88 0

I did three.

Cryingraven 1

I did four.

ha cute, I chuckled at that. keep up the great work!

ImaWiseGuy 5

51, you ****** up the chain...

well at least my face isn't ******

well that was uncalled for.

MizzErikaHart 8

it's getting thumbed up tho.....

59 has had too much kangaroo for breakfast lately

I did five. Oh shi-

TheRealHouse 7

in Soviet Russia, your **** up is faced!

CynthiaMeAtSix 7

I totally read it in that guys voice in your picture.

TheRealBruce 12

oh thank you guys for helping me with that mean guy I love y'all keep up the great work I'm sorry jeffrey's here gotta go bye y'all

22- Well apparently people don't think the same as you, so please shut your face.

you sir are a fail. I have come to the conclusion that you must be mildly retarded, or completely insane, I think it's both hmmm:)

GuessWhatKids 13

241- I hate it when idiots who can't even properly construct a sentence compare retardation to insanity.

Bet it took you all day to construct that sentence.

TheRealBruce 12

275 bet it took your parents all day to decide whether to keep you or not. oh I'm sorry for getting nasty I'm just in a little conflict with Jeffrey

59 I doubt that it isn't

I doubt that it isn't 59.

jacob4848 4

59- By the looks of it you have a horse face...

They were probably either dementors or gingers, either way they need your souls

xxkittyxxx 0

lol xD

what if op is a ginger?

tsume24 3

275: just stop. you're digging yourself a hole. next time don't break the chain.

Ciiigarettes 0

Hahah. Oh my god.

problemchildHWD 0


i miss the days when all they sold was possesions

chuck norris rob you?

robbed by satan

robbed my epicmealtime

exactly my thoughts

JonaDona 2

nahhh...stealing souls?? the robbers must be gingers lol jk xD

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

88 wins. btw I am a ginger and I think it's funny, sue me.

22cute 17

sounds like Dementors 2 me

emodude44 0

Well, you can't laugh unless you can laugh at yourself!

sounds like it was crack heads

or the people from Epic Meal Time ;)

Well I don't see why Lil Wayne has the need to steal your personal items..

nclark95 0

lmao agreed yo

Well you won't lose anything valuable next time.

Parazad 16

Must be a couple of ninjas....

tehe :) as long as they have the ninja glare down

Hah! They can't steal your soul if you don't have one from the beginning! Hah!

danielreader22 4

That makes no sense at all...

chrisnsons 2

dumb japs.....

SirObvious 1

why was that so funny to him?

I think 9 is guessing that they're red-heads ...

I hope you're a ginger.

I may have laughed a bit too much at that.

Symmetry88 0


ImaWiseGuy 5

haha, one of the best comments I've seen yet...

cuz everyone knows that gingers don't have souls!

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

HAHAHA!!!! (*says while laughing*) it's true we don't..

iLoveBoobies21 0

just thought I would say after reading that comment, I dropped my iPhone, and rolled off the bed due to the fact of laughing so hard. Carry on.

Is your iPhone ok?

iLoveBoobies21 0

Yeah, dropped it on carpet. :P

asshole Ginger chicks are hot as **** so shut up ****** it's NIGGERS that swallow ****

gaga_fierce 0

LOLOLOL. It took me a minute. Laugh much needed xD

Ah, we gingers..

Fact: gingers don't have souls. Myth:every freckle we get is one we steal.

I appreciate a sense of humor when I'm robbed

Perhaps the only time I've laughed when hearing about a robbery