By abrooks88 - 08/02/2012 16:53 - United States

Today, I got denied a job. They told me I was unreliable because I didn't show up for my third interview. This is the same interview they called and cancelled this morning. FML
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Deny them your employment for being dumbasses

I'm hiring... You just have to make it through my training day.


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You need a job where you get along with the boss right away. I'm great friends with mine.

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Dude that's just a bad joke right there

CockAsian 14

Instead of "that sucks," 1 thought it would be funny to put "that swallows." But failed miserably.

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Probably was a prank call from one of OPs friends lol

#1 and #49 are a parrot idiots. They are no bird puns so why are we doing them?... ... ... Ooooohhhhh....

Deny them your employment for being dumbasses

Companies really need to keep track of their interviews better so things like this don't happen. Hopefully you'll find a job owned by a company that ISN'T so disorganized OP.

It was a test! You failed for not being committed enough! But seriously, why work for dumbasses?

*waves hand* "Yes I did attend the interview" "I must be mistaken, you did attend the interview" *waves hand* "And I performed so well you're giving me your job" "You did so well we are giving you my job" Give it a shot, they're clearly so clueless as to what's going on this might actually work. Worst case scenario they think you're an idiot and realise you fit in perfectly with the company.

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I'm sorry OP I hope you find a better job.. Best wishes!!! :)

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2nd on that, it's not that easy to get a job (or at least a good one)

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59- will you email me??? I'm on my iPod and can't message

Even though being out of work really sucks, it sounds like that place is really disorganized and full of dumb people in leadership positions. In the long run you're probably better finding something else.

taytaylal 11

At least your not working for dumbasses.

I don't think they are dumb..May be they got a good candidate and dumped OP..That's a smart bitch move..

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I love how people who don't know the difference between "you're" and "your" call other people dumbasses.

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48 America is lazy with our language, so this isn't much a spelling contest.

Do you know their addresses??? I can supply you with some pretty rotten eggs if so......

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47 but we all secretly wish we were, don't we? Because what's more fun, working at a desk or egging a house? The latter i'm guessing. Adults and they're so called "maturity." They claim to be grown up, but if they had the chance they would all choose to be twelve again.

I've never felt an urge to egg a house. It isn't fun to be a huge asshole in my opinion, no matter what age you are.

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Well then they're dumb and you don't want to work for dumb people anyways

wildsweetchild 19

But not this time...OP may be in severe need for he posted this..

I hope u mention that they cancelled the interview...