By Mortified

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Today, I was using the bathroom at Costco when a janitor forced my door open so she could mop, then didn't bother to close it again. Apparently, the handicapped stall was too big for her to see me sitting in the corner, and I had to awkwardly squat-walk all the way to the door to close it. FML
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First, not everyone who needs to use a handicapped stall is in a wheelchair. Second, many stalls are too tiny for average sized people to get in and close the door without moving awkwardly because whoever built it wanted to save money, a larger person wouldn’t even be able to fit into the door of some stalls.

By  KingAdrock  |  16

"Apparently, the handicapped stall was too big for her to see me sitting in the corner"

YDI for not SAYING saying when she tried the door. "Excuse me, occupied!" is all it would have took to avoid this.

By  aryania  |  7

I have worked in the cleaning business. get that person fired. they are not suppose to do that. as a cleaner you can call out in the bathroom from entrance if anyone is in there. or you put a closed for cleaning sign and wait for all to finish up before proceeding to clean. another fail safe trick I used was to crouch down after no replies come out. to see feet.