By Patrick - 29/10/2020 03:08 - Trinidad and Tobago - Couva


Today, my coworker got a raise by making our boss give me a pay cut for doing his job while he was slacking off. As we were heading home for the day, he found $100. FML
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By  Chazzster  |  20

OP you need to have a talk between you and your boss. Unless your coworker has something incriminating on boss, there is no reason something so unjust should be done. Make sure you and boss agree on what is your job and what is your coworker’s job - get it in writing if at all possible (the part about what your job responsibilities are). Then never cover for coworker again unless specifically directed to by your boss.

By  geckohead  |  10

These kinds of people are the toxic ones. He will always have the stupid luck he doesn't deserve. Think Homer. Stay clear and don't involve yourself with him at all. He will rise to the top inexplicably or crash and burn. You don't want any part of his circus ride.