By FuckPollen - 08/07/2015 11:01 - United Kingdom - Hartlepool

Today, I attended a work interview. My hay fever has been flaring up during the hot weather, causing my throat to swell up and make me short of breath, which I explained. The woman interviewing me told me I was unsuccessful, as customers wouldn't be able to understand someone with my 'disability'. FML
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She seems like the one with a mental disability.

Wow, what a bitch. Down grading disabled people and she was too stuck up to listen to your explanation. You deserve better.


She seems like the one with a mental disability.

As someone with high-functioning autism, I agree.

Wow, what a bitch. Down grading disabled people and she was too stuck up to listen to your explanation. You deserve better.

Just wanna say that I don't necessarily think she is downgrading disabled people, but I think she probably misunderstood OPs fever as something else

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Still discrimination 27 and against the law under the Americans with Disabilities Act

Not in America? What's with ignorant Americans thinking it's always about them?

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What's with people from other countries always making it about us by blaming their problems on the U.S.

Ask for that in writing you can take legal action its discrimination

Why is everyone so sue-happy on this app.

Legal action doesn't just mean suing. Although Op does have a strong enough case.

They openly discriminated against OP because they thought OP had a disability. That is illegal. That's why suing isn't a bad idea. It's not fair to those who are disabled.

Equality Act 2010, they have to make reasonable adjustments for people with disabilities. Although it isn't one I can understand that bad hayfever could hinder your work, but they should be able to adjust for it.

here here! God so many fmls can be taken to court it's not even funny.

Well, a lot of interviewers say nice things about you and reject you eventually. At least u know that u will be able to get a offer after u get better:)

Wow, I wasn't aware an allergy to pollen was now a disability, I'm sorry you had to deal with someone so rude and ridiculous, OP. Hope the hayfever gets better soon, I've been the same because of the heat :(

In the definition of the word disability, everything that would hamper behavior or activity would be a disability.

Hay fever isn't a disability, the interviewer is just ignorant.

technically any condition that 'affects quality of life' be it allergies or being physically disabled, is considered a disability. pissed me off when I first learned about it. however professionally speaking, comments based on physical ability like what op experienced are very wrong. no one should discriminate against things like that within the work place. I say you got out lucky. best to know now than to get the job and be told a few months in.

That depends entirely on what sort of job it is, 42. You wouldn't want to hire someone with a broken arm for a job that involves lifting, would you? Sure it will heal eventually, as OP's condition will, but as an employer you want people who can start working sooner than later, and who you know aren't prone to getting sick or hurt.

If you would have to work with her, it may be a good thing if you can find another job.

Her own ignorance lost her a hard-working employee! Find a better place.

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Not a place you want to work for.