By Anonymous - 29/10/2009 21:14 - United States

Today, I was driving to work. I saw a cute boy in the car next to me. To try and look cool, I pretended I was talking on my cell phone. I got pulled over and got a ticket for using my cell phone while driving. FML
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bittersweets 2

Since when does talking on a cellphone look cool? YDI!

perdix 29

Picking your nose would have looked cooler -- because it's not illegal.


Goes to show. When pretending always use a bluetooth headset! ;]

MistrSteezy 0

FAIL, u live in California.

MistrSteezy 0


justdancebbyx3 7

YDI for trying to be cool when you're really an epic failure.

Even though I live in Kansas, I put my phone on Speaker when I talk while driving. I heard that the fine for using a phone while driving is only $20 on the first offense. There are no court costs, AFAIK.

I might be extremely ignorant but why California?

MistrSteezy 0

Ughh, California was da first place they illegalized cell phones while driving.

they didn't make using a phone while driving illegal, they passed a "law" that says you have to use a handsfree device - big difference California is the best, try and say California is a fail with a straight face

California is a fail. :|

madefor1comment 0

You can't spell California without fail.

greent_fml 0

yeah you can spell california without fail. Cali. CA. CAL. see?

166; but you didn't spell California. ;)

When is >$4 per gallon of gas the best?

bittersweets 2

Since when does talking on a cellphone look cool? YDI!

Cell phones were cool in the early 90s when only high-powered businessmen could afford them.

girlygirl666 0

Now if you really wanted to look cool, you should have lit a cigarette and blew the smoke toward him, while making your special "I'm farting" face.

I thought the same thing..

sportsnut 0

you must be in highschool, way to be "cool" hahaha

Yeah how is talking on the phone cool? You do it everyday at your house?!

perdix 29

Picking your nose would have looked cooler -- because it's not illegal.

why do people think they will look cool talking on a cellphone? it's not like they are rare, everyone and his dog has a cell phone these days. Get a life dear!!!

Kylias 6

The REALLY cool people's dog's fleas have cell phones too.

So am I not cool because I don't have a cell phone? FFFFFUUUUUUU-

Everyone knows that to be cool you have to talk into a calculator. Now THATS cool.

wiserman 0

i'm giving you a citation for driving while retarded. exactly how many dates do you think have been gotten by strangers seeing each other in separate cars, in traffic? people like you make me regret my own humanity.

Even worse, she looks like she doesn't mind putting others in danger AND looks busy, which could point to not available. I guess if someone is looking to stalk a jerk with no time she could get something out of it.

Nothing turns on guys more than a girl that knows how to talk into a cell phone...

Well now that just says it all right there!

Veritas143 0

"To try and look cool.." YDI that is all

If you have to "try" look cool, don't even bother, you will probably fail. Thanks to I have learned this awesome fact. :D