By becca - 21/08/2010 04:04 - United States

Today, I spent five minutes waiting by a stop sign. The two cars in front of me were taking a long time to move, so I began beeping and getting angry. Turns out, these cars were parked and I was holding up a line of traffic. FML
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And you couldn't see that no one was in the cars?

glitchedgamer 0

YDI for not seeing there were no drivers. Not to mention I doubt these cars were parked in the middle of the road...


And you couldn't see that no one was in the cars?

AlterEggo 0

The real concern here is how close to the sign the two cars were parked and whether a cop was around to ticket those parked cars and bring us an FML about another stupid thing. OP -- YDI.

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You dip stick mother plucker.

tweetbaby14 18

OP you're lucky I wasn't in one of the cars behind you or I would've got out, asked you to roll down your window, smacked you in the head, say "drive retard!", and left. but that's just me.

If they were parked, how were you holding up traffic?

I love women, but seriously, 90% of you suck horribly at driving.

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Wow, I hope a little kid throws a rock at your car D:

seriously!? you need to hide yourself in a hole

So were they parked in the middle of the street or are you just plain incapable of knowing your surroundings when driving :P

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that's something similar to what my dad did. he was at a mcdonalds though.

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I call BS or retard. if they're parked, how can you hold up the traffic? the rest of the people as dumb as you too?

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I think #31 needs to go hide himself in that hole as well..

OP , you can't be holding the traffic unless those cars were parked at the wrong spot. Though this is funny as hell!

Reyo 2

I hate your kind OP. You know, the kind of person who's too impatient and quick tempered to pay attention to what the hell's going on. I'd fix that.

31 - where are you getting that statistic from, exactly? as far as i know, no scientific study has proved that 90% of women can't drive.

my own personal driving in orange county statistics. ignore it if you don't like it. since it angers you, you probably suck at driving or know that 90% of your girlfriends suck at driving. wah wah.

oarisimo 4

you're an idiot 31. did you just pull that "statistic" out of your ass? That's funny because Caucasian males statistically are involved in more vehicle accidents than women. Google it, you moron.

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friggen awesome lol, i was already in tears reading this fml, but wat u said just topped it off!!!

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the traffic was behind him bro

sports_chic 6

fail! lol my dad did that once..

BehindTheSun 2

Wait, how do you even do that? I assume parked cars would be all the way over on the road. If you're behind a parked car, wouldn't the other cars be able to just go around you?The only way I can find this possible is if OP was at an angle or something.

IAmzephyr 22

small street, cars that think parking in front of a stop sign is ok. these things can happen

glitchedgamer 0

YDI for not seeing there were no drivers. Not to mention I doubt these cars were parked in the middle of the road...

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airukha..shut up. The ladies can drive, even counting ha. Anyway OP this kinda reminds me of the joke of hitting a park car..which is sad.uh FYL I guess.

PYLrulz 17

ladies can drive?!? HA! nice joke!

sourgirl101 28

Bend over! I'll show you I can "drive"!

Well I don't know about other girls, but I sure as hell can't drive.

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women cant drive becoz they dont need to, thers no road between the bedroom and the kitchen!

rallets 22

how is all this a reply to 3's comment?

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59 the original response was meant for #4, which doesn't help their cause any when the woman can't even navigate well on the net!

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you know what's a nice joke, if pyl is attack by a *****..will he hit a park car..lmao lmao shhh

BehindTheSun 2

You deserve equal consequences for leaving Hot Topic.

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someone please fcking tell me what OP means

Do you want some help learning how to use a search engine as well?

Anaxes 5

My god, you've been told a million times. It's original poster, love.

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always someone asking this question on every fml :/

your just a massive failure at the end of they day... but it's something to chuckle about. LOL.

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"turns out, " that you should sell your vehicle and never drive again.

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LMAO guessed this was Florida before I read the location