By Jennnn - 16/09/2009 20:08 - United States

Today, I was at a stop light when I saw a cute police officer at the light across the intersection. Trying to be cute as I drove by, I turned and winked and waved. The car in front of me stopped, I rear ended them and then got rear ended. The cute cop winked back, then wrote me a ticket. FML
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"trying to be cute"= automatic YDI. Also, winking is creepy.


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i gave u a thumbs up cuz i want to see just one time where the first comment says "first!" and doesnt get buried

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#1 is not a dick, this is what happens when idiots try and act 'cute' lol. sorry but YDI OP.

Sounds like the OP got ****** by the law. Or was making an attempt at it, anyway.

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haha, #25, i love you. i opened up the comments just so i could tell you that.

#28 A male police officer licking a lollipop with uniform sleeves ripped off is not seducing at all

They only called 1# a dick cuz they said first, and saying first is really really stupid.

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@ #25 think i like you:)

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:D I'm quite disturbed by your profile picture, #117.

all that typing and you are still no less lame, it's called spell check. op:you deserve it

YDI for being a woman, bitch. And kudos to the guy who I'm supposed to be replying to. Zaraki Kenpachi - not bad :)

Lol. I was reading through the comments, and for a second there, I thought I wrote that. You beat me to the punch.

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Well at least you got her number?

OP was the chick. cop was a dude... or it could have been another chick o.O

Or, it could have been a Lady Gaga type cop.

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I remember reading that so I don't know why I got the image that the cop was a woman. Either way, it would be even better if the cop was a woman haha.

And she got a date at the Virginia city court ;)

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Watch the road... no matter how cute a cop is. It's not really a FML you got a ticket for not paying attention. It's a YDI, really. But I'll say both. At least he winked? (:

Smoooooth lol YDI __________________________

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GOOD JOB, IDIOT. You totally deserve it. And seriously, how socially inept are you if you think that's how you successfully pick up guys? Your life is ****** because you're stupid as hell. LEARN HOW TO DRIVE or ****** WALK. HAHAHAHAH

Say the policeman leaned into your car and grabbed your breast. Then say you're a black woman, then you're fine. - If you're white, say you're irish. That might work. White men tend to turn into Martin Luther King whenever a minority is done over for comitting a crime they actually comitted. And sexism is rampant. I love sexism. You might not get out of the ticket, but you can go on Oprah Winfrey who'll endorse your book.

Of course you got in a wreck, you're a woman.

The "women can't drive" joke is getting old, so shut the **** up.

I agree with #34. Not only do you make yourself sound stupid by saying that, you're not even creative enough to come up with something new. Wow, you can repeat something you heard. We're impressed. /sarcasm

Yep, he's sure letting us all know he's superior to women by mindlessly stating a ridiculous stereotype. Go buy yourself some big-boy britches, #32.

How dare number 32 impose his sexism on my comment.

My dad is a prime example of why men suck at driving, just as much or even more so then women. It's like driving in a car with an intoxicated, blindfolded monkey. It's called x-tremecomuting

You're dumb. Not all women suck at driving. In fact, I'm sure that I drive better than you. Some of the worst drivers I know are men. They're the ones that race you when you go to pass, they leave their high beams on, pull out in front of you point blank, change lanes in an intersection and without a blinker, the list goes on and on.

Yeah, blokes are also the ones with obnoxiously loud music players that they INSIST must be put on full blast wherever, whenever, because they enjoy over compensating for their lack of sexual prowess.

Exactly. Hey, aren't you a bloke DrunkenValor? =]

For starters, there are inherent differences in spatial abilities between genders, which men tend to do better at (this is often cited as a difference in depth perception, but there is little empirical research to back that up, while the differences in spatial ability are well understood). On the flip side, men are far more reckless, and as a result the entire gender gets shafted with higher insurance rates. Unsurprisingly the most common form of automobile accident for women tends to be minor and as a result of miscalculating distance, while accidents involving men tend to be a result of doing something stupid (and with a much higher fatality rate). Which one makes a better driver really depends on your point of view, despite the gender differences, there are sufficiently incapable people on both sides. Stereotypes that are blindly tossed around are not constructive, but most of them were not made up arbitrarily, they often have at least some basis approaching accuracy which is what makes them inherently problematic in the first place.

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possibly, but of course, there are excellent woman drivers. I'm a 23-year-old lady who has NEVER been in a collision that was my fault. I have really good reflexes and have successfully avoided collisions with bad drivers on many occasions.

#63: moi aussi. #57: Yea I know. I hate when people just throw out a stereotype. One thing that people like that dude I was responding to needs to understand is that although stereotypes may be based on some truth, they are not true for every individual that the stereotype encompasses. I know plenty of terrible women drivers, and some incredibly good women drivers (like myself). My only problem with driving (according to police anyway) is that I have a lead foot. However, I live in an extremely rural part of NY with tons of long, flat, empty roads, so nearly all of the time I'm not putting anyone else in danger. Plus the redneck cops out here will pull you over for going 65, so whatever.

I'm either a bloke or a very manly lesbian.

#57 wins. Men are more suited for driving and more capable in SOME ways, just as women are more capable in SOME ways. There will always be extremes from both genders. The best driver I know is my mom. The worst driver I know is a guy. Stereotypes are just pointless.

Hell yeah, that'll learn 'em. In my opinion, that's the best bit of driving anyone could do :)


Then where does all the precious pr0n come from??? They're holograms? Noooooooo!!1! My bubble. You bursted it.

But they still get uploaded to teh internets. Therefore, WE HAZ INFILTRATED!

Ooh, now I can be like a ghost. :3 I like not existing.

Are you sneaking in my bedroom at night? Otherwise, there's no need to be a ghost.

Yes, I am. :D HitList, are you just saying "**** you" to all of the sexist comments?

whoa whats with the random **** you in a funny thread?

OP, Christ, get your legs out from behind your ears and pay attention to the road when you're driving *facepalm*

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lmao!! too bad the cop didn't think u were cute might a got outta tic! sorry op but YDI!