By Jennnn - United States
Today, I was at a stop light when I saw a cute police officer at the light across the intersection. Trying to be cute as I drove by, I turned and winked and waved. The car in front of me stopped, I rear ended them and then got rear ended. The cute cop winked back, then wrote me a ticket. FML
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  tyhillman  |  0

I remember reading that so I don't know why I got the image that the cop was a woman. Either way, it would be even better if the cop was a woman haha.

By  OhhxGoshhxAri  |  0

Watch the road... no matter how cute a cop is. It's not really a FML you got a ticket for not paying attention. It's a YDI, really. But I'll say both. At least he winked? (:

By  noshitsherlock  |  0

GOOD JOB, IDIOT. You totally deserve it. And seriously, how socially inept are you if you think that's how you successfully pick up guys? Your life is fucked because you're stupid as hell. LEARN HOW TO DRIVE or fuckin WALK. HAHAHAHAH

By  DrunkenValor  |  0

Say the policeman leaned into your car and grabbed your breast. Then say you're a black woman, then you're fine. - If you're white, say you're irish. That might work.

White men tend to turn into Martin Luther King whenever a minority is done over for comitting a crime they actually comitted.

And sexism is rampant. I love sexism.

You might not get out of the ticket, but you can go on Oprah Winfrey who'll endorse your book.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

I agree with #34. Not only do you make yourself sound stupid by saying that, you're not even creative enough to come up with something new.
Wow, you can repeat something you heard. We're impressed.