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if by cool you mean juvenile and annoying, then yes she's cool. a responsible person realizes that in addition to annoying everyone else in the store for your own personal amusement, by pushing those buttons, you are also running down the batteries for the person that actually pays money for the item. great role model mom

  DocBastard  |  38

FMLiest - you realize that this was a Family Dollar. I don't expect any of the battery-powered anythings at Family Dollar to last for more than 18 minutes.

Gusgus - I think FMLiest's sarcasmometer was turned off temporarily. The situation has been rectified.


yes, I figured you were being sarcastic by calling her "cool". I was trying to be one of those people that doesn't get the sarcasm, and lectures the poster out of ignorance. I figured that the more over-the-top serious that I sounded, the easier it would be for people to realize what I was doing. guess not. oh well.

so, does that mean the people who told me to STFU, actually DID think that the mom was "cool" for getting kicked out of a family dollar?? whatev.

also it is amazingly hippocritical and ironic to Lecture me about not lecturing people on this site.. dipshit.

By  zombunny  |  2

They kicked you out for that? Lame. I do that in stores all the time and the most I get is a few weird looks from other customers. There's a reason those things have "Try me" buttons.


#35 was attempting (perhaps poorly) to mock the type of person that doesn't get the sarcasm in a comment. but I think people who didn't get the sarcasm in #2's comment thus did not get the mockery in #35's comment.

for a better explanation read #54 under #2's thread. or don't....

By  hidingoutt7  |  0

Your life is fucked ,because you got kicked out of family doller. There's like a bunch more just go to a new one and btw op that's a retarded reason to be kicked out.

By  Jimboom  |  11

One good turn deserves another. Push her buttons in return.
*hint, one of her buttons is right in the middle of her face, the second is up in her ovaries*