By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, I finally finished making my daughter's wedding cake. When I checked on it later, I found a large slice had been cut out. I soon found out that my husband had instagrammed himself eating it, with the caption "#guiltypleasures". FML
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  nightowl713  |  25

Asshole indeed! Depending on how you made the cake, it may be possible to just bake another and cut a piece the size he took out replace and re-ice that area. Not sure if that would be easier than starting over, if it's too much hassle I'd have him buy a new one and spare no expense.

  brandoneyez1  |  25

Bake another cake (just to smear in his face.... Sorry op, but this is funny. Maybe cover the missing space with a filler and icing. Many ways to do that. Fondant would work.

  \  |  28

Or make him bake a new cake, take a photo of it, and post it on Instagram tagged with "#justdesserts."


Or instead of wasting cake and doing things that may potentially imprison her, OP could put fondant on the sides of where he cut the piece from to make it look intentional and then have little figurines of the bride and groom or put their names in the little triangular space.

PS Still think OP should kick his ass, though.

  NinjaFood  |  13

He sounds like an immature asshole. When she says "finally" I'm guessing it took a lot of time and he just couldn't wait until the wedding to eat it.