By FoxyManicLiar - 27/09/2010 21:06 - France

Today, I got a bad cut on my dominant hand while at work. My boss decided to order me to juice lemons... all 300 of them. FML
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isn't that unhygienic to be juicing lemons with a open wound, could easily get some blood in there and spread hep C.


it's been so long since I last saw a post like this.

Well #1, your first time with a girl is a long way away if you're that hyped up. After a few lemons, your hand would be numb anyways. Dont complain.

this is total bullshit. it's unsanitary to prepare food with an open wound.

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then* sorry my iPods stupid autocorrect did that

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then* sorry my stupid iPods autocorrect did that

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Isn't it obvious? For cutting themselves in the first place! Sheesh! DUH!

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Picture in your bra. SMH at /you/ TskTsk!

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honey, it's a dress. calm down.

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I wasn't talking to you. The person I was talking about disappeared! Damn!

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No really. It was a dark skinned girl in a red bra and her comment said "lawl fake booooobs smh on you" or something along those lines.

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he deserved it cause he accidentally got cut? ssshole

am I the only one thinking OMG someone out there is drinking wound tainted lemonade?!

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