By FoxyManicLiar - 27/09/2010 21:06 - France

Today, I got a bad cut on my dominant hand while at work. My boss decided to order me to juice lemons... all 300 of them. FML
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isn't that unhygienic to be juicing lemons with a open wound, could easily get some blood in there and spread hep C.

wear gloves?


that sucks!!

Prototype12 0

like your mom last night! aaawwwhhhh snap!

^^^ beat me to it, bur still win

Ow that's one mean boss...

lol he beat you to saying that? what are you guys 12?

Dan beat me to it

dam not Dan stupid auto correct

149 - What are you, eleven?

ydi for being a klutz

what are you ten? arctic lemonade sounds awesome right now.

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that's a health hazard...what restaraunt do you work at?

-171 what are you ten.

zebraface123 6

where do you work..?

johnrdz3 24

-233 Are you 9?

it's been so long since I last saw a post like this.

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Well #1, your first time with a girl is a long way away if you're that hyped up. After a few lemons, your hand would be numb anyways. Dont complain.

Ouch. :(

luv ur pic :))

this is total bullshit. it's unsanitary to prepare food with an open wound.

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the just wear some gloves :D

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then* sorry my iPods stupid autocorrect did that

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then* sorry my stupid iPods autocorrect did that

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we all have two hands!!

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you deserved it!

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how does OP deserve it?

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Isn't it obvious? For cutting themselves in the first place! Sheesh! DUH!

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fake boooobs lawl smh on you

FFML_314 11

Picture in your bra. SMH at /you/ TskTsk!

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honey, it's a dress. calm down.

FFML_314 11

I wasn't talking to you. The person I was talking about disappeared! Damn!

Yeah right..

FFML_314 11

No really. It was a dark skinned girl in a red bra and her comment said "lawl fake booooobs smh on you" or something along those lines.

doesnt make you any less unattractive

FFML_314 11

What are you talking about?

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he deserved it cause he accidentally got cut? ssshole

what a meanie

am I the only one thinking OMG someone out there is drinking wound tainted lemonade?!

#202=WIN. Simultaneously, 202=EWWWW

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Aweee that sucks op :(