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Today, I realized I get more pleasure from a tampon than my boyfriend I have been having sex with for the past six months. FML
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I guess it would be kinda weird if your boyfriend got more pleasure from your tampon than you do.

Wow, it must be really, really bad then. I suggest talking to him about it. Which you should have done months ago.


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That was the most unnecessary comment. Do you feel a great wave of pride writing "first"? I mean, how does it work?


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yea, like does he not fxck you ?

After six months, doesn't it start to get really raw? I know that if I'm thrusting for more than thirty minutes, it starts to get uncomfortable.

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But the tampon can't cuddle after words.

108 "sex with for six months" he's either really really really small or really really really bad. Although sex doesn't make up a relationship it is still an important factor. 6 months and you haven't told him to go under? um there's also a surgery or something for sizes that small tell him to talk to his hate to be that guy. FHL, and YDI for not saying anything and staying of course.

I think it's prefectly legit that your boyfriend gets less pleasure from the tampon than you do. Just saying.

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Wow is all that comes to mind.

Maybe wow is the cause? we see enough of those FMLs about people being addicted. OP, grow up and tell him. Don't complain about him not doing it right, or not buying a vibrator

Wow, it must be really, really bad then. I suggest talking to him about it. Which you should have done months ago.

I'm glad you mention talking rather than breaking up with him. Sex isn't everything in a relationship although it can represent a lovely bond between two people. It is something that needs to be worked out, not something that she should just dump her boyfriend over. They can WORK things out and I just find some morals,...wrong? Proper wording for that? I'm saying if she has been with him for 6+ months with this problem, maybe she wants to have real commitment and no pleasure isn't a reason to just dump him like that without talking about it first.

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actually the three top reasons why couples break up or get divorced is: 1) money 2) sex 3) communication

blah blah blah sorry I just felt like bein a douche

I've been with my girlfriend for 10 months and both of us are still virgins. Seriously... sex isn't everything, pricks.

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once you both surpass the age of 14 things may change.

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78 atleast Thts what u know... if ur a virgin uv never seen her ****** and u don't know what's good down there...or bad

78: you should be proud of that, its a good thing whether the people on the Internet think so or not.

he is part of the teeny weeny group I'm guessing!

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Teenie weenie committee?? Teeny weeny group? Jesus Howard Christ people, it's Itty Bitty Committee! What are you people smoking?

Penis size (beyond about two inches) stops mattering as much - there just aren't any nerve endings to stimulate. Skill, not size is the important factor.

116 - Size is important enough. I've been with a guy who was around the 2 inch mark (erect). It did not feel good at all. He knew how to move and everything, it just wasn't hitting me in the right spot. I've also had sex with men who were bigger than that, and of course they felt good. I'm not sure if anyone has the same issue, but some guys are even too big for me. TLDR: Size matters.

@119: I said 'beyond' the 2-inch mark, not at ;) And yes, size DOES matter, but the size that matters most is girth, not length. Of course, I'm not a female, so I'm speaking about what I've been taught and have read - it represents an average, not every person. With roughly 6.8 billion people on earth, you can find at least one person for which most anything reasonable is I wouldn't be surprised if there were women who DO feel more pleasure from a longer member. If nothing else, it could be psychosomatic.

126 - Yeah I can't argue with that logic. It may very well be psychosomatic. I find that if you're still at the 2 inch mark, but you have a wider-than-a-glue-stick girth, it still doesn't make a difference. I agree that girth matters more in most guys, though. Some poor guys just don't measure up... it's not their faults! FTR, I didn't say "at 2 inches" either. I said around. ;)

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Different strokes for different folks?

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The only people (men) defending an oober small wiener are the ones who have oober small wieners. Sorry to say but a guy with a big one would never admit that. Sorry you have a small one and hope you find someone to agree with you!

At least you're getting some pleasure for 5 days a month. FYL. I'd look for a new bf.

Communication. Engage in that with your boyfriend.