By Anonymous - / Tuesday 10 May 2011 21:20 / United States
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  ImaWiseGuy  |  5

agreed 27, I use to skip school just because I refuse to use public bathrooms...moral of the story, hold your ass in higher regards then settling for school facilities...

  Insane_Tea  |  14

I was using the bathroom at school. Yes I was peeing while sitting down and taking a dump also. But lord behold some jerk kicked the door in on me and said I was masturbating. I have to take 2 more years of ungodly ridicule. I feel for you OP.

  SunDropGirl  |  0

27 smetimes when you gotta go you gotta go! and if you don't your gas piles up in your tummy and that is no bueno!(: and that is my unintelligent way of describing that matter!


I would write "Talk about a shitty situation," but I would probably get thumbs down because that joke is getting so overused, just like my x's vagina. However, since I AM a pro at getting thumbed down, I will say this: what a shitty situation, OP!

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