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Today, our school got portable classrooms for the construction on our school. I had to take a dump really bad, and had to use the built in bathroom. As I was in there I heard laughing. Turns out, every sound you make is an entire broadcast to the class. FML
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I guess that's what you call a shi- *gets slapped*. Okay nevermind...'


thats what you get for taking a shit at school. save that shit till you get home

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agreed 27, I use to skip school just because I refuse to use public bathrooms...moral of the story, hold your ass in higher regards then settling for school facilities...

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In that case, #31, your name is highly hypocritical! When you gotta go you gotta go. When did people become such spoiled pansy asses?

same things happening to my school. except they havr outdoor toilets

I was using the bathroom at school. Yes I was peeing while sitting down and taking a dump also. But lord behold some jerk kicked the door in on me and said I was masturbating. I have to take 2 more years of ungodly ridicule. I feel for you OP.

nice Harold and Kumar reference #1 I forgot about that scene LOL

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49, what does Lord Behold mean?

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27 smetimes when you gotta go you gotta go! and if you don't your gas piles up in your tummy and that is no bueno!(: and that is my unintelligent way of describing that matter!

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i agree with you, its not like you can do anything about that when you have to go

I would write "Talk about a shitty situation," but I would probably get thumbs down because that joke is getting so overused, just like my x's ******. However, since I AM a pro at getting thumbed down, I will say this: what a shitty situation, OP!

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Good thing OP wasn't masturbating. Could you imagine?

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disgrace. but you have no choice i guess, better than you shit yourself.

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ha ha! i feel bad for whoever gets explosive diarrhea lol

I'd feel bad for the people in the class too.. get to smell an hear that....

Tell them you were practicing tuba for band class. Gotta play it off smooth as exlax. ;D

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Should have started moaning just to see their faces when you came out. Pun intended ;)

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unfortunate? that's OMG horrible...OP has to face these people every day... that sucks.

Atleast you were not playing angry birds.. but still thats hilarious hahahahaha