By Beard - 08/11/2016 11:14

Today, I shaved my beard that I wanted to grow for winter, into a goatee for a Skype interview. On the day, the interviewer only used audio. FML
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Goatees are for losers anyway. I'd never be caught de—awww…

dude, its movember... no shaving in movember


You lucked out! Goatees cost you 15 IQ points on interviews.

I have a goatee. today I got the job with barely doing the interview lol.

dude, its movember... no shaving in movember

katachristic 19

That sucks OP. You probably should have kept the same style but just trimmed it all to be more even and neat

You turned your blooming beard into a goatee? Dude, you don’t deserve a beard. Wear your goatee of shame like a ...well, "man" would be wrong. Wrong as goatees! So kill it and start all over again.

A lot of goatees around here... O.O

Attacksloth 33

Let's face it, the situation just got a little less hairy.

Goatees are for losers anyway. I'd never be caught de—awww…

species4872 19

there is no spoon.

You grew an entire beard for an interview? That's commitment, I would definitely hire someone like you good sir!

He was going to wear the beard for winter, but thought he would be on a video call on Skype, so bye-bye beard.

pay attention.

OMG!!! How will you survive the loss of facial hair!!!! It's not like it can grow back??? Can it?

Great point! You could back that up by shaving off both your eyebrows.

Why'd you need a goatee instead of a beard for the interview? Is the job playing Guy Fawkes at a theme park or do they just have very specific rules?