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By  ojosRojos  |  28

I’m not gonna tell you you’ll appreciate it when you’re older because I always hated it when people told me that. I will tell you that it gets better. I’m 33 now and look more my age and don’t get carded as often (though I still do sometimes).

Side note: When I was 25 I was a long term substitute in a high school. I was walking in the hallway during exam week and got yelled at for being there unsupervised haha. It was annoying at the time but makes me laugh now.

By  Suaria  |  37

I'm the same age. I've gotten people in the last few months who think I'm a teenager. It feels nice knowing people think I'm younger than what I am.

By  DrSamba  |  7

Happy Birthday!

I got braces when I was 30. I also decided to shave off my beard. I went to a convenience store to buy a six pack of beer and got carded. I felt pretty good about it until the scruffy-looking fifty-something looking guy behind me also got carded.