By Satan - 15/03/2010 23:22 - United States

Today, I lost my phone. I tried to call it using my husband's phone, but couldn't figure out which of the three Kates in the contact list was me. Turns out, two are co-workers and one is his aunt. I was listed under Satan. FML
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Uh, why did you have to go through the contact list? Don't you know your own cell number by heart?


have you considered that he might be joking?

FYLDeep 25

I bet he'll burn for that one.

YDI you must be ****** annoying lmao

I would laugh if I found out I was in my husbands phone like that,he married you so stop bitching. laugh at the little things or else you will die early.

popatia 0

#26 You face is ******* annoying.

tehamericanboy94 0

^^^ I died from laughter when I read this..cause it's true, buuuuuut to be nice I won't say anything, anyways OP, maybe you're Satan cause you are not doing a good job at being a wife.


AHHH shit I laughed too ^^^




ok 52 that was just uncalled for..

I scrolled down and read several more comments, but decided to stop and let you all know that #29 wins cuz I'm STILL laughing.

26 is Satan and this is freaking funny.

sugarbabyxoxo 2

lmao @29

lol agreed 52 is fat I almost died from shock when I saw her :(

today, my wife lost her phone so she asked to use mine to call it. she wasn't so happy when she found out I had her put in as Satan. FML.

#52, you're a rude troll and you deserve to get modded. That is all.

Hahahaha... win

ask me if anybody should have any pity for some one who can't even remember the number to the phone they own. oh. and I hope you fount it

killerviral 0

many he thinks ur ******* hot..........

MightyMike2509 0

Bella proves a point. if you ain't laughing, you ain't living.

why wouldn't you just dial your own number instead of looking through his contacts?? or do you not know your ph number ydi

it's a sterio typical joke so it's funny

has anyone here ever masturbated to Satan??

purplemnm 9

133 I ********** to Liz Hurley, does that count?

chances are this is fake, cuz why would OP go through the trouble of finding out which name is hers when she could have just dialed the number? btw, I'm Satan

gina1231 0

that's hilarious if that was me I would be cracking up

Your husband is awesome!

I so agree with you! gotta pick and choose your battles people! life is too short!

#29, 30 internets for you. some one had to say it

ha that's funny.. if I had my bf as dat he would laugh ^.^ but dats pretty mean I guess

redshortsx 0

that's hilarious

u_killed_kenny_ 0

WIN ha epic

Peacemaker9 7

Nooooooo way!!!!!!! lol that's dam funny!!!! what'd u do after?

pwincessa23 1

my bf just told me he thinks #26 is sexy!!! lmao!

kayztastic 0

lmao. my dad calls my mom Satan(: but he loves her. chill(:

ummm Satan? Satan isnt a girl. wow fail on your husband.

Ooo pwned! but it is sadly true.

Amazing did you know that if you put in 666 into a phone mom will pop up lol ;) i love speed dialing my bitchy mom now!

Is your husbands name Jon?

This made my day!! Haha!!

sweetpea160 0

haha 26s face is ******* annoying !!

lol! good one! burn that asshole!

ryguy997 0

why not just dial your number؟ doh.

favorited for 26's face

swhockey02 0

26 your a fat ugly bitch that nobody loves... u were adopted

Lol, love all the replies on fml, but this one takes the cake. Epic fail at insults, epic fail...

ur fking stupid u women slash man thing whatever the fk u are

Fail...why didn't you dial your number?

Fail...why didn't you dial your number?

Fail...why didn't you dial your number?


lol that's funny

Haters gonna hate.

itscalledmetalco 0


shaubygal 11

VSOLRIO ydi for being a fat assed cow

be careful 26 might eat you with that face lol

Killuhk 8

Lmfao! My boyfriends mom popped up under 666 hahaha!!!! So true

Killuhk 8

29 look what you started..'..what if that picture really is her face and she tried taking a good picture..this is how cyber bullying starts and the reason why so many young people make suicide attempts. Shame on you

dudeitsdanny 9

I have my girlfriend as "the ol' ball and chain" Just kidding. I don't have one. I would if I did =D But I'd tell her so she'd know I was kidding.

FYLDeep 25

What do you call your boyfriend? And wouldn't he get offended if you got a girlfriend? I should probably write "just kidding" on here so I don't get modded apart.

I'd be HIS boyfriend! DAMN, son, you're HOT!!! ;)

meshell_10 0

he is hot! get at me Danny!!!

kristen_lesli 0

wait, why are you saying Danny is gay? he is so, so hot.. well, that doesn't really mean anything, most gay guys I know are hot.. but anyway, he was just sayin he doesn't have a girlfriend.. I just happened to be taken, but I have this friend, and she *loves* music notes ;P haha :) jk :) if you're old enough to get tattoos, then it's probably illegal, due to the fact that she is 17. I'm 18 though :) just turned it on new years :) best birthday party *ever*! :D sorry, ADHD attack :)

haha he is hawtt!!! I'm taken but I can still look right?! :p

doink 0


dudeitsdanny 9

Ahem.. I'm only 19 ;D Just kidding. Well, I am, but.. You know what I mean, haha. Thank you, though. =) And I'm straight as a bendy pencil. Take that anyway you want, but I like girls =P

You still look gay >.>

he is very very hot ;P

what an arse

blaaaaakely 0

hahaha, this is one of the first funny fmls I've seen in a while :)

Ladybugs4 0

I can't stop laughing

Landon_3177 0

ha yeah

Uh, why did you have to go through the contact list? Don't you know your own cell number by heart?

yeah that does seem odd. couldve been a new cell phone and she didn't know her number yet

ah... the technology lately doesn't call for phone number memorizing because it's all in the microchips of your dandy cellphone. i've been trying to memorize my boyfriend's number and i still dont know it by heart. i switched my home phone number almost half a year ago and i have trouble trying to recall the number because everytime i call home on my cell, it'd say "Home". :( the numbers are too randomly jumbled together for easy memorizing.

I was thinking that myself. but why would you even call the number labled "Satan?" on the offchance it was you? still funny tho. i can't imagen how crappy he feels knowing you found out. did you stab him with ur pitch fork for calling u Satan?

dudeitsdanny 9

I call shitnanigans!

spiderman0606 0

I think she went into his recent contact list or even dialed her number on his phone to see what she was called. She doesnt necessarily have to go through all his contacts to find herself.

dudeitsdanny 9

^^^ She could have dialed from the start. It's faster

^^she probably did it out of convenience i know i would but being nosy is a more likely possibility. but yeah I'm sure after she realized she wasn't one of the kates she dialed her number. if she did it would then turn into "calling Satan" instead of the number.

wow that posted a little late. my response was for #30

JustinKingr 0

probably looking through texts of his also

when she dialed her number the info from his address book would prob be displayed.

lol. 'calling Satan'

yessirfosho 0

It's just more convienient to find your number in the contacts. Once she saw 3 Kates she was curious as to which was hers.

loski87 4

lol good point

Stop moaning Satan YDI for being Satan

hahaha this is really funny... provided that he is kidding.

@6..."Satan" is way too harsh for him to be joking. It might be funny to him but I'm sure he didn't just do it for ***** and giggles. Now something like #2's nickname for his potential girlfriend would be funny and cute... but "Satan"??

I did it for the shitz_n_giggles. (Username jokes ftw.)

purplemnm 9

you misspelled your own username xD

BeautyMonster 17

He better worship Satan then.

that's what i'm talkin' 'bout.

that is not what you are talking about. how about you stop talking. forever. if you died right now, noone would care. not even your mom. because she adopted you after she stabbed your real mom and raped her dead body.

What did you say to get moderated twice?!?