By Satan - United States
Today, I lost my phone. I tried to call it using my husband's phone, but couldn't figure out which of the three Kates in the contact list was me. Turns out, two are co-workers and one is his aunt. I was listed under Satan. FML
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^^^ I died from laughter when I read this..cause it's true, buuuuuut to be nice I won't say anything, anyways OP, maybe you're Satan cause you are not doing a good job at being a wife.

  Killuhk  |  8

29 look what you started..'..what if that picture really is her face and she tried taking a good picture..this is how cyber bullying starts and the reason why so many young people make suicide attempts. Shame on you

  FYLDeep  |  25

What do you call your boyfriend? And wouldn't he get offended if you got a girlfriend?
I should probably write "just kidding" on here so I don't get modded apart.

  kristen_lesli  |  0

wait, why are you saying Danny is gay? he is so, so hot.. well, that doesn't really mean anything, most gay guys I know are hot.. but anyway, he was just sayin he doesn't have a girlfriend.. I just happened to be taken, but I have this friend, and she *loves* music notes ;P haha :) jk :) if you're old enough to get tattoos, then it's probably illegal, due to the fact that she is 17. I'm 18 though :) just turned it on new years :) best birthday party *ever*! :D
sorry, ADHD attack :)

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Ahem.. I'm only 19 ;D
Just kidding.
Well, I am, but.. You know what I mean, haha.

Thank you, though. =) And I'm straight as a bendy pencil.
Take that anyway you want, but I like girls =P

  chocolateybar  |  0

ah... the technology lately doesn't call for phone number memorizing because it's all in the microchips of your dandy cellphone. i've been trying to memorize my boyfriend's number and i still dont know it by heart. i switched my home phone number almost half a year ago and i have trouble trying to recall the number because everytime i call home on my cell, it'd say "Home". :( the numbers are too randomly jumbled together for easy memorizing.

  Melori  |  0

I was thinking that myself. but why would you even call the number labled "Satan?" on the offchance it was you?

still funny tho. i can't imagen how crappy he feels knowing you found out. did you stab him with ur pitch fork for calling u Satan?

  spiderman0606  |  0

I think she went into his recent contact list or even dialed her number on his phone to see what she was called. She doesnt necessarily have to go through all his contacts to find herself.


^^she probably did it out of convenience i know i would but being nosy is a more likely possibility. but yeah I'm sure after she realized she wasn't one of the kates she dialed her number. if she did it would then turn into "calling Satan" instead of the number.

By  cardinallove  |  11

@6..."Satan" is way too harsh for him to be joking. It might be funny to him but I'm sure he didn't just do it for shits and giggles.

Now something like #2's nickname for his potential girlfriend would be funny and cute... but "Satan"??


that is not what you are talking about. how about you stop talking. forever. if you died right now, noone would care. not even your mom. because she adopted you after she stabbed your real mom and raped her dead body.