By tishihish - 12/12/2011 05:15 - United States

Today, I walked into the Macy's bathroom to find Santa taking a dump with the door open. Merry Christmas. FML
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could have been worse, he could of been emptying his sack.

Merry Shitmas OP


could have been worse, he could of been emptying his sack.

Or he could have been filling his "bag of toys".

Well, he only comes once a year...

YDI for going to macy's

could have been worst, you could have been with your child and there would have been another kid on FML who had to find out that Santa isn't real the hard way :(


RedPillSucks 31

Of course he's real. OP just saw him taking a dump! Can't get more real than that.

xoconnie 8

who cares? santa is a human being who poops too! jeez cut him a break!

Well you always say you never get shit for Christmas! :D

The thing is walking in on him doing so was not pleasant. No one ever said it wasn't normal.

It's the most wonderful time of the year..

If OP was a woman it might be even worse for multiple reasons.

yes yes we all love christmas specials even for "everybody poops"

lenamartinovic 13

More like the creepiest time of the year @2 - I'm in love w/ ur iPhone case.

56- Ah yes Christmas can be a creepy time of the year with the whole Santa coming into your house in the middle of the night.. Oh and thank you :)

HerpYourDerp 7

Santa's as classy as ever.

He's getting your present ready OP. Be thankful

lolololer 8

he has to make sure he an still see id people are being naughty or nice...

Please stop, you're killing my brain cells.

DontClickOnMe 28

Actually I think she meant "can" instead of "an" not "and"

33- Glad to finally see someone talking sense on this site. There are way too many self-proclaimed grammar Nazi cunts who overreact at every little mistake. They think they are masters of the English language and have the right to lambast anyone who makes a mistake just because they know the different between "your" and "you're". Honestly, it's quite pathetic.

olpally 32

55 and 57 read my profile... You'll see where I stand with grammar nazi trolls..


I have nothing against common grammar mistakes, but she could at least proof-read so it makes some sense.

Merry Shitmas OP

How does that even gets thumbs up..

Well where else is he gonna get all that "coal"?

Dirty dirty Santa.........

cutielilangel 8

Tell him to make sure he washes his hands!!!

He could have said "ho ho ho" if he saw you 0_0'

leogirl95 12

Pretty sure Santa's a dude

How do you not take a picture of that? Can you say once in a lifetime opportunity?