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Today, I had a shift as a carer in a high-rise disability home, and working with a lady whom was once a midwife. She had a toy baby, and was rocking it. When I asked her what she was going to do what the baby so she could come to lunch, she casually threw the baby off the balcony and shrugged. FML
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By  neuronerd  |  28

I'm just caught up on "high rise disability home." What happens in case of emergency? Even back up power and generators can go out (as happened in the 12 floor building I work in on a hospital campus did when a water main broke). If there's a fire, you're definitely no supposed to use elevators. This whole concept of the building seems ill planned for its purpose.

  neuronerd  |  28

And yes, I also understand that there's the same issue in a hospital, but I just don't see a private facility having those kind of resources to deal with it. Maybe I'm wrong, and it's a big company with tons of resources.