By loquacious shit stain - 07/02/2013 17:11 - Australia

Today, I had drinks at a friend's house before going out to a concert. I still had a bottle of beer left, so I brought it along with me. I got kicked out five minutes into the show for bringing my own drink, which is apparently against the rules. I paid $75 to get kicked out over a $3 drink. FML
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Well, you're at least 21, so you weren't born yesterday. You must just be stupid.

You deserve it. if you can't bring alcohol into any building, or food and drinks to the movies, what would make you think you could bring alcohol to a concert?


I would go with both YDI and FYL. That sucks for you, easy mistake. But make sure you understand the rules next time.

WhisperSoflty 20

It's not that easy a mistake, honestly. Outside food and drink aren't allowed at everything from movie theaters and dance recitals to NFL games and Madison Square Garden. That's been the rule for a long, long time. If OP has gotten to the legal drinking age without ever having figured that out, then there's bigger problems.

In the past, people used to throw bottles at concerts and sorting events. Bottles gave been banned for about twenty years. It's not an easy mistake.

off topic...can anyone here explain to me what loquacious means so I can enhance my vocabulary with this magnificent word?

WhisperSoflty 20

26 - is a magical thing, sweetie.

I believe YOUR COMMENT was far too loquacious.Tone it down my friend. Keep it simple.

That's not an easy mistake by any means. I can't think of a single venue that has ever allowed outside food. This guy is just an idiot, and clearly deserves it. One unfinished beer really isn't worth the risk, either.

I suppose looking on the bright side, at least he waited until he arrived at the venue to drink it and didn't drink it while in the car.

I'm surprised he even got in with a beer on him.

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48, 74, 79. OP is FEMALE.

Just for the record, if they are using the FML mobile app, as I am, it does not display the OP's gender!

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Actually, 95, it does.

#15 OP is from Australia, and so am I. I've brought my own food/drink to the football game and to the movies before, with no repercussions. I've never heard of such a rule being customary to public venues. ALCOHOL, however, is a different story - you're not allowed to drink alcohol in public but I'm not so sure about concerts... I know that my boyfriend was planning on bringing some beers to share with his friend at a gig last week because his friend shouted him the last time they went, so maybe it's a rule that depends on the strictness/money hungriness of the venue. Also, the legal age in Australia (and in most countries outside of the US) is 18, not 21. Is it really against the rules to bring outside food/drink to all public venues in America? What happened to the land of the free? :P just kidding but that's a pretty sucky rule to me :/

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Yeah it does top right corner haha at least for iPhones

Most concerts are a licensed premises, and yeah it's petty, but you know there are strict controls about liquor at these kind of events.

Pretty much the main rule is, if they sell it, you can't bring it in. They tried to kick my mother of a movie theatre for bringing carrot sticks. She got them when she asked where the food for diabetics was.

Your mom is all types of awesome. Sorry about the diabetes but still, she's awesome

Rules suck sometimes… sorry OP

Well, you're at least 21, so you weren't born yesterday. You must just be stupid.

No, this is from Australia and therefore he is at least 18, as the drinking age is 18

It's common knowledge that it's illegal to bring alcohol into licensed events or consume it in public. You totally deserve it.

oops, that was not meant to be a reply!

He probably tried to sneak it in, rather than unknowingly bringing it in

I guess it's not BYOB everywhere.

You deserve it. if you can't bring alcohol into any building, or food and drinks to the movies, what would make you think you could bring alcohol to a concert?

Not necessarily true. We can bring our own wine to movie theaters in my part of Canada.

And you can bring your own pee to the doctor

Wait you not supposed to bring booze to a movie!!?? That's the best part! Right next to when you have a guy masturbating next to you like its no big deal.

Because they sell alcohol in the premises? You know it's so they can control prices when you're trapped inside, right.

@#39 - If we are from the same province, those are specially licensed movie theatres. I know I attended one where you could BUY wine but you could not bring in your own. Most liquor licenses ban that altogether due to the increased risk of drinking and driving to the location.

So why not just down it when you get there and then go in?

klovemachine 24

It's all about the money $$$$


AliceLockehart 18

Basically, the venue would make less money if people brought their own alcohol, because there'd be less people buying from their bar. I'm assuming that's what 9 meant anyway :)

klovemachine 24

Thank you, 60, that's exactly what I meant :-)

Ins0mau 20

Also about legislation and government regulations on serving alcohol.

I can't believe this was downvoted. It being alcohol isn't likely relevant in this case. It'd be the same if op had food or non-alcoholic beverage on her. They'd still stop her because she didn't pay for grossly overpriced goods.

Sorry about your luck op, but it's basic logic to know you can't bring your own food or drink into events like that..

BeforeItWasCool 12

I've got to agree. While the prices in some of these venues are ridiculous, it really is common knowledge that you can't bring in your own alcohol. Along with the prices situation, a lot of these places serve drinks in plastic cups. That way, if someone launches a drink at a shitty band, there's less damage than say, a glass beer bottle, or can.

Well loquacious shit stain, you should have seen that coming.