By Misspoopypants
Today, I spent the first two hours of my shift cleaning up liquid poo after an elderly lady sat in one of our chairs and promptly let go of her bowels. I was so embarrassed for her that I even bought her a towel, underwear, and a pair of pants. She then thanked one of my coworkers for all the help. FML
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  azouwa  |  26

ha ha ha ha thanks. I needed that.

  RichardPencil  |  30

Had it just been about the poop, I’d accept your scorn, but the fact that the op did so much to help the old lady and a coworker got the gratitude was transcendental shittiness and needed to be called out!

By  ViviMage  |  38

Where do you work??? A nursing home?

No one brings me underpants at work!

  C8H18  |  33

Op here. I work at a retail store attached to a pharmacy. I used to work at an electronics store, and I also ran into a similar situation there.

By  stayydomii  |  21

She might have mixed up you and your coworker. sometimes old people do that. I basically excuse most of their behavior until they become rude cunts. Thanks OP for being good to this lady and cleaning her up.