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  Enslaved  |  36

Fitting rooms are usually located in a separate part of a clothing store far away from any peeping toms. Especially if they have loose "curtains". If it's somewhere where a guy can casually walk by, then they normally have wooden doors with locks.

I'm sure if someone-- did see the OP it was just another woman not a guy.

  Rebles  |  15

As someone from germany I have to disargree.
I know enough stores where male and female fitting rooms are side by side (or rather they are the same rooms dependant on who enters).

  GreatGeak  |  8

for Germany it makes sense, they are less embarrassed of their bodies, I hear nude beaches are common...if not all beaches. and I kind of disagree man, I've seen places that put the changing rooms up front by the registers so as to keep an eye out for shop lifters and for peeping toms.

  Rebles  |  15

Are there really people that stand by the stalls just to see some rl titties?

And regarding nude beaches. Real nude (fkk) beaches are rare but you won't get into any trouble if you remove your top at a normal beach over here.