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By RosesAreRed - 15/02/2013 06:07 - United States - Cape Girardeau

Today, the attractive guy I barely speak to in my statistics class gave me a rose for Valentine's Day because he remembered they were my favorite. My husband got me a roll of quarters and told me to go buy myself "something pretty." FML
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A poem, to my husband: Roses are red, Violets are blue, The statistics guy Is better then you.

You should hit him up side the head with the quarters. THEN buy something pretty. To woo the cute guy. Win win.

yup, seems like he just takes you for granted. Although I don't know you at all but if he's like this all the time, you might want to reconsider your marriage.

"This guy in my stats class Is better than you". Hey, at least you got something from somebody.

That's sad that is how people treat marriage nowadays - as something ordinary. It should be special.

Yeah, because cheating is a win these days

Perhaps OP should've gotten her husband some papers for Valentine's...though divorce would cost more than a packet of quarters....

I think op likes the stats class guy 200% more than her husband right now.

That sucks. Atleast you know not all guys are bad

Some want to try and sleep you, another already has you so is not trying. Doesn't mean he is bad, she needs to shake him up and make him realize he still needs to work a little for it so he doesn't get too comfortable.

No, not all guys are bad, just the one she's stuck with for the rest of her life..

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Well be glad someone appreciates you!

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49- I think my profile pic is your pic's mother. SON!

Why so many dislikes on 49 :3 boobZ will always win

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remove the torns and give to your husband

Why would she do that? It was a gift for her.

I think 5 meant "remove the thorns and give them to your husband". As in the thorns, not the rose.

Every rose has its thorn Just like every night has its dawn

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I wouldn't damage anything so pretty just to prove a point or get back at someone. In this case, I would find the rose to be more of value... If anything, I would accept the quarters the husband gave the OP and pay the attractive guy to teach the husband some manners... But hey, that's just me.

Your husband does not appreciate you. Downvote me or whatever, but if he gives you quarters and tells you to buy something pretty means he doesn't really give a crap. Hope you have a better day OP.

Downvote me or whatever, but I completely agree with the person above me.

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True. But what kind of special thing is she going to get with quarters?

What's up with that guy giving you a rose? You barely talk to him and he knows your favorite flower? Creepy. FYL for your husband's gift, though.

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How is that creepy? Maybe it was brought up in casual conversation. Its very sweet. Dont always think the worst of people.

To be fair, roses are the classic valentines day flower, so its not weird that he remembered coz its such a common flower to have as a favourite

Giving a Valentine's Day rose to a woman wearing a wedding ring is more than being friendly.

Maybe she wasn't wearing her ring. Maybe the guy didn't notice it. Maybe he's just being friendly. Maybe thinking better of people that do nice things should be more common.

Obviously, you've never been the husband who gets left for the guy that only wants to get in your wife's pants. It's hard to get past that, and you start to have very little sympathy for anyone in this situation. If she wasn't wearing her ring, then **** her, if he "didn't notice it," but can remember something brought up in casual conversation, chances are, he's lookin to get laid. **** him. Honestly, everyone is at fault, if her husband cares so little, maybe it's time fir a talk, instead of leaving him. Marriage is supposed to be forever.

I know what most people would think to say, but the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Sure, your husband may not be particularly thoughtful, but you still obviously married him for a reason.

Maybe she was knocked up and made the mistake of trying to get married for the baby. you never know.

You got two valentines day presents. Why are you complainjng?

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I got a chair for my valentines present! (It's a nice chair)

I got a brita water pitcher for valentines day. Then my bf said "don't complain there's dirty water in Africa" like that makes sense