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By lifedoessuck12 - 19/07/2009 14:13 - Philippines

Today, I had to wait outside Starbucks. While standing, I started daydreaming and didn't notice I had been staring at a table beside the window for a long time. Suddenly, someone came up to me and said, "Try not to be so obvious." Sitting at the table was a girl with a huge cleavage. FML
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lmao, im starting to wonder what u were day dreaming about.....

lifedoessuck12 0

Actually no, we don't have Starbucks here in the Philippines. I just made that story up. We still live in caves, paint on walls, and hunt woolly mammoths using sticks and stones.


hahaha bad place at a bad time with a bad sight XD

they have Starbucks in the Phillipines?

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yeah they do. you should try visiting der.

If SHE is sporting cleavage she wants people to look at it, she just didn't want you looking at it. lol

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Actually no, we don't have Starbucks here in the Philippines. I just made that story up. We still live in caves, paint on walls, and hunt woolly mammoths using sticks and stones.

Thats a lie. Maybe you live in the poor side. Go to Manila you'll see.

egads. My sarcasm meter went to eleven. Sucks OP. That happens to me all the time. I really need to stop day dreaming so much.

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71: is a freakinn shit face. duh there's freakinn starbucks in the philippines, fyi, there's abercrombie and hollister there too. philippines is a civilized country, its not like there's only nature. they are asian-fied americans, just not as great as actual americans. thats my country i come from right theree stop criticizing

you made my day :) i salute u. btw if u knew she was there would u still look?

lmao, im starting to wonder what u were day dreaming about.....

That table's curves. So nice and rounded. :)

I wonder, if girls show cleavage to be more attractive, then why the hell are guys (and girls) not allowed to stare?!

Sometimes they were it because it's more comfortable, sometimes they just want to look nice. I try my best to look nice but I don't want people staring at me.

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Aw that sucks haha. Zoning out is always awkward when you let your eyes wander and you end up staring at someone for a while hahahah.

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One time I zoned out, and ended up staring at my boss's crotch. He noticed, and asked me what I was staring at. >.

I do that ALL THE TIME. I'll zone out and end up staring at someone and they always get really creeped out. :P

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this is why women need to hide their cleavage. no one wants to see a bunch of fat hanging out of your shirt, kay thanks.

your probably flat. so you WOULD say that.

who the **** wouldn't wanna see that? I would. dont hate on people with bigger boobs than you. (:

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wow that just means that you're a pervert. fyi most girls don't like people staring at their boobs. it just means that you're immature

so you sound like a wierd ****, or youre a girl who doesnt do that but that makes you sound insecure or stuck up either way you lose

I'm a guy and I'm getting a bit sick of IN YO FACE cleavage. FFS, save it for a special occasion.

Especially if they got pissed when you did, and they have it like that.

i honestly say, if they dont want people seeing it, frikin hide it! personally, i agree with #49, people are getting out of control...

I don't really see why a lot of guys find giant boobs attractive. They don't seem very feminine to me.

uh how are giant boobs not femminine? i mean do you think girls without anything, (that actually makes them look like men) look more like a girl?

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Guys will look at boobs if their covered or not. They're her boobs, she can do what ever she wants with them. HEll she could put them in a jar and carry them around if she wanted to. Just because a girl dresses a certain way doesn't mean she wants attention. MAybe she wants to look nice for herself. Every girl isn't looking to get their bones jumped by a guy whos turned on by fatty skin sacks. All the guys I know don't stare at boobs, they arn't babies.

hahahhahahahaha omg that made my day LOL

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lol FATTY SKIN SACKS with nipples. i will call them that now. but really they are HUMAN MAMMARY GLANDS. for feeding babies

hey, that actually kind of makes sense now why us guys are attracted to huge boobs. They feed our babies better and make sure our last name goes on. Wow. There's logic to horniness! (Though I personally find anything beyond Double-D's, or sometimes even C or D, a bit exaggerated)

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I'm so turned on by this conversation.

That happens to me a lot too. I space out and then someone conveniently walks into my line of... zoning out. It's awkward. D:

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Sucks being the only strait person in a Starbucks doesn't it?

palmtrees 1

sucks not knowing how to spell the word "straight" doesn't it?

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Guys, I think he meant being a 'Strait person' as being a fan of George Strait. But hey, that's just me...

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to "onlycusimbored", not every guy is a pervert, like you seem to be.

Staring at cleavage makes you a pervert? You're right, next time a man shouldn't be attracted to a woman.

In my opinion the general rule goes something like this: look yes, stare no. Women like to be admired but erm not in a creepy manner. To the OP I can't tell you how many time I have wandered off in my mind while staring in some general direction haha don't worry about it

I don't like to be "admired." I like to be respected for something other than my looks.

guys shouldnt only be attracted to women because of their body, it should be personality. so stop being an ass

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Actually Yes It Does. U Stare Because You Want 2 Do Things To It, Duh. So Watch Ur Facts

Well what's the point of showing cleavage at all if you didn't want them to be seen at all?

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Did you at least sneak a peek after that guy informed you about the big rack?