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Today, after not seeing my boyfriend for 9 months, he came to meet me at the airport. I was so excited when I first saw him that I broke into a sprint to greet him. Apparently, running through the airport looks suspicious, because a security guard tackled me. Now I have a broken nose. FML
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Running through the airport looks romantic on movies - in real life? Not such a great idea. The security guard probably should have tried to do something nonphysical to stop you first, before tackling, though...


Don't blame the guard. He was only doing his job. You shouldn't do ANYTHING out of the ordinary in airports nowadays unless you're an idiot. To you something may be funny etc but the airport's personnel have to treat everything seriously.

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america must be a pretty ****** place if you can't even run in an airport without being dramatically tackled to the ground... what if she was running late for a flight???

If you're female, you can probably sue; especially if you're an attractive caucasian. However, if you're not very good looking, or not white, no luck. Hey, I just point out the law, not make it.

Lol @89. Unfortunately your absolutely correct.

Nope, apparently as a 17 year old girl you are too naive to see what's actually going on. And that's okay, because well you're 17. What's sad is when people in their 40's and 50's who vote don't see what's going on. Unfortunately, America is ****** up and it's going down the tubes fast. You're right though, you do need people to protect you from terrorists—the kind of terrorists who are white, wear suits, and sit on the board of multi-billion dollar corporations or in the senate...or any other politically powerful position.

If running is breaking law, I understand why obesity rise up in USA. Watch out a new terrorism wappon is comming: FAT

to the 17 y/o girl: Yeah, ironic how that patriotism can go right down the drain when you're being detained for 6 hours saying "Let me the hell out of this room!"

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Well, it's important that they do their job. After 9/11 and the recent attempt where some guy put a bomb in his underwear (I still don't see why he put it there) airport security has gone up drastically.

Amazing how almost nobody knows enough about airport security and terrorist threats to make an intelligent judgement, and yet everyone has an opinion. It's the same on almost every other political issue. There should be a competence test that everyone has to take before they register to vote.

OMFG such a great idea... don't mean to sound sycophantic but that could work and might be necessary sometime in the future

#68 is retarded. op can't run? that's just dumb we have rights LOL

I dont get how that still applies because our stupid Americans put that n*gger in office.

she would have luggage and not just burst into a full on sprint. she probably shouted too.. sprinting and shouting is no no. and its their job bc people have ruined it for people Like 9/11. bombings shootings etc

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Thank's God they didn't take the guns)

Im honestly about to throw a dictionary at your face.

LOL... take it easy! its 21st century ..expect anything.

you should have punched him back, in the face xD

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Running through the airport looks romantic on movies - in real life? Not such a great idea. The security guard probably should have tried to do something nonphysical to stop you first, before tackling, though...

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Yeah, agreed. Running in airports during these "terrorist" times (still makes me laugh) isn't that great, but tackling at the first sight -- not sure, he may have done the right thing if you imagine the "what if" of her actually being someone that was going to, or have done, some kind of harm.

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why does that make you laugh? people getting blown up isnt funny

He's saying that USA is a paranoical country because of "terrorism". Specially in airports... With only a fart they think it's a biological attack.

Because, to be truthful, airports and airplanes aren't most terrorists first choice of target. For that matter, neither are churches or religious facilities. If you happened to not know, terrorists in America are mostly home grown, and the majority of them are NOT Muslim.

thank you rosalind, it's only the Muslim ones that get shown though to make us lool bad. one of my dads best friends work in the media and he was astounded at how much they keep tothemselves eg. Christian Jewish and other religions, it is NOT the muslims all the time

Generally, running through security at an airport will attract unwanted attention

She didn't run through security. Her boyfriend would have to have exited the security area of the airport before she saw him.

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IF she was running toward security, then it would be reasonable to presume she was trying to run past them, and tackling was justified. What sane person runs toward the security gate?

Where does she say she was running THROUGH or TOWARDS security? She merely states that she was running in an airport when security tackled her. Thoroughly read the OP before you comment.

You don't fly much, huh, #28? Security is nowhere near the arrivals hall. It's at the other end of the airport, at departures. What's the point in scanning someone for bombs who just got off a plane? If she saw him as soon as he came into the hall, he would have just been leaving baggage reclaim and customs. Neither of which would make a great target for a terrorist attack.

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Customs is right before the exit and there are security guards there, idiot.

There are security guards all over. It's how they get people to pay more to be harassed and abused in the name of safety.

Ummm actually unless you are coming from an international flight you don't have to go through customs. There is usually a different exit for those coming in internationally. Idiot!