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By jabba - 05/10/2010 21:01 - United States

Today, I saw a spider crawling on my new roommate's cheek, so I told her to stand still so that I could flick it off. Several long seconds of flicking made me realize that it wasn't a spider at all. I had been flicking her hairy mole. FML
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By all means, keep flicking it; maybe it'll fall off.

did you try to smack it too? ... but seriously, that's pretty gross. reminds me of Austin Powers


Draw eight legs on it and name it Spidermole ..Spidermole. Spidermole. Does whatever a Spidermole does

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get a new roommate!! ur not gonna wanna keep living with that thing on her face! no I'm jk that sux, u really made an ass of urself

31, imaginaryvoice.... what does a spidermole do...? *: |

49, Lol whatever a spidermole does, duhhh! :P


Wow OP you must be pretty slow to see and think that a mole was "crawling"!!!!

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Today, my roommate mistook the mole on my cheek and started flicking it. FML

Did anybody else think of that guy with the mole from that show on Nick? Ohhh yeah iCarly. The guy who works in the building has a huge mole haha.

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Uh hold on new room mate you got a little black umm bug on u stay still..... *flicks cheek for a long time* HOLY CRAP ITS A HAIR MOLE I AM GOING TO POST IT ON FML!!! Get a life op!

cut it up into little pieces and make some guacamole!

wow that's nasty!!! haha... hairy... but seriously ewwww

wow that's the closest I've ever been to first... but now that I've acknowledged it I'm doomed to Internet ridcule!!!

Ewww! wait, being her roomate, hasn't OP realized it's a mole & not a spider constantly living on her roomates cheek...?

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Am I the only one who read this comment in Clevelands voice?

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haha that would suck flicking a mole

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your name describes u perfectly

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omg thats so embarrassing and that sucks, i have this freckle on my neck tht my friend slapped once thinking it was a fly, but thats awful loll

Ooohhhhh shut up and put some clothes on. Why are you so desprate that you wear a friggin bikini on a site like this with so many creepers. You are dumb, you are really dumb.

28- What does that have to do with anything?

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I'm proud to be an American Ninja.

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o was at camp? it was the only picture on my itouch at the time, sorry? ill change it loll

JayBear14 11

loll well apparently im throwing myself out ther if im wearing a swimsuit. i live in the sunshine state, 80% of the year i am in a swimsuit loll

Jaybear, he was just trolling, don't let him bother you.

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its stupid that i do, but it bothers me a lot when ppl judge me for somebody im not. ive been judged my whole life like that, ppl stereotyping me and it really gets under my skin o.e sorry loll

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did you try to smack it too? ... but seriously, that's pretty gross. reminds me of Austin Powers

moooooleeeee!(prod with stick).. molemolemolemole.. lol Still gross though..

By all means, keep flicking it; maybe it'll fall off.

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You, are hilarious. I love thaaaat. :)

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"DIE POTATO!!!!" "not today!" I <3 asdf, and tomska :)

Hahhahaha should have seen if it was moving first

o_o;; I don't know how you mistook the Mole for a spider. They really don't look that much alike up close.